Trading Rules

General rules for rocket-league.com trades

The following rules apply for all trades created on this website/app:

  • RL Garage (rocket-league.com, Rocket League Garage, RLG) takes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise as a result of a user participating in trades, or interacting with other users on the website. Only the user is responsible for ensuring that the contents of a trade are as expected before finalizing it. All features of this website are offered as-is with no guarantee of any kind.
  • RLG reserves the right to terminate any account or remove any trade at their discretion.
  • RLG strictly follows Psyonix' TOS & EULA. Their TOS can be found here and their EULA here.


The following actions result in a warning:

  • Begging - Asking for free items or services.
  • Offensive Behaviour - This includes being vulgar, racist, sexist, etc.
  • Promotions - Self-advertising, promotions of groups, 3rd party media, etc.
  • Spamming - This includes comments, reports, invites, duplicate trades, etc.
  • Boosting Services - Offering boosting services in return for items, keys, etc.
  • Witch Hunting - Publicly accusing another user of a crime (without evidence).
  • Nonsense Trades - Trades that are messy, confusing, or completely unbalanced.
  • Currency Trades - Trading with items or currencies that are not part of Rocket League.
  • Multiple Account Usage - Using multiple accounts to create more than 15 trades and/or other advantages.
  • Giveaways - If you wish to genuinely offer items for free, please contact us. We will add your items to the donation pool, which we use for giveaways.
  • Offering items not available on that platform - Offering items like Alpha rewards etc. on platforms where they're not available (per example Alpha rewards only exist on Steam).
  • Fake Trades - Posting trades while you don't own the items, or just posting them for fun without any intention to trade the items.


The following actions result in a ban:

  • Scamming - Scamming or attempting to scam.
  • Harassment - Harassment towards other users or staff.
  • Botting/Scripting - Using bots/scripts to automate actions.
  • Trust Trades - Trade systems that are solely based on trust.
  • 1v1 trades – Trades where the potential buyer has to play a 1v1 game against the trade creator.
  • Duplication Services - Offering or promoting duplication services.
  • Ignored Warnings - Failure to comply with Formal Warnings from staff.
  • Asking for trade screenshots - Asking others to stage a trade just for a screenshot.
  • Referral Accounts - Advertising or linking accounts that forward users to another account.
  • Price Manipulation - Greatly undercutting or overpricing items for views, or to increase/lower the price of an item.
  • Sexual Harassment - "Sexual harassment", or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.


When reporting another player, please provide clear evidence (for example multiple screen captures or video). The more evidence the better. We can’t take further action without proof. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox are able to capture video footage, please use these features. Many tools are available for PC, such as NVidia Shadowplay or AMD ReLive.

Keep in mind that videos or several screenshots are convincing evidences that we're looking for.
One screenshot is usually not enough to clearly identify an offender and only accepted if they're providing enough evidence.
It is always best to capture as much evidence as possible.

Please do your best to keep our community clean.
Thank you for your cooperation. 


The administration reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.
Trading rules 2.4   November 20, 2020

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