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Trading Rules

General rules for rocket-league.com trades

The following rules apply for all trades created on this website.

  1. The administrators of this website take no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise as a result of you participating in trades or interacting with other users of the website. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that the contents of a trade are as expected before finalising it. All features of this website are offered as-is with absolutely no guarantee of any kind.
  2. The administrators of this website cannot rectify any issues with trades. Faults or errors in the in-game trading system should be reported to Psyonix.
  3. Any attempt to scam will result in termination of your account. When reporting scammers, please provide clear evidence (for example screen captures). We can’t take further action without proof. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles can capture video, please use these features to protect yourself. On PC many screen capture tools are available, such as FrapsGeForce ExperienceDxtory, or OBS.
  4. Trading with items or currencies that are not Rocket League items or keys is forbidden by Psyonix' TOS and can eventually lead to a ban. You can find their Terms of service here and their EULA here.
  5. Promotion of any kind, giveaways that require any other compensating measures than contact data are not tolerated and will be removed.
  6. Spamming bumps or comments is not allowed and will result in a warning. You are allowed to bump a few but not all of your trades every 15 minutes.
  7. Respect other players and treat them like you want to be treated.
  8. The administrators of this website reserve the right to terminate any account or remove any trade for any reason, at their discretion.
  9. Do not request donations/gifts or similar.
  10. Do not request and/or offer duplicating services.
  11. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts.
  12. Offering or requesting boosting services is not tolerated and eventually lead to a permanent ban.
  13. The administrators of this website reserve the right to alter these rules at any time.

Trading rules version 1.0.5 • Trading rules were last updated June 12, 2017