Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that some members of the site have asked us, or ones that we feel you might find useful.


Are you an official website of Rocket League?

No, we are NOT official. Rocket League Garage is not affiliated with Psyonix or Epic Games (other than our Epic Creator Code - #EpicPartner), we are just a fan site for the game.

The official website of Rocket League can be found at rocketleague.com, and the official website of the Rocket League Championship Series is located at esports.rocketleague.com.

I have an issue with the game, or found a bug in the game, how can I report it?

For any issues related to the game, please contact Psyonix, not us. Please visit Customer Support and follow directions to properly report a bug or glitch.

What platforms are supported on Rocket League Garage?

Rocket League Garage supports PC, Playstation, Xbox, Epic Games and Nintendo Switch.

Where are the trading rules?

Our trading rules can be found at rocket-league.com/trading/rules.

How do I contact you?

Head to rocket-league.com/contact to contact us, if your issue relates to this website.

Does Rocket League Garage have a Discord?

Yes, our Discord is discord.gg/rlgarage. We also have Twitter, Facebook, and a Steam group too.

My Account

How do I enable auto reply?

Our auto-reply feature was a limited test which has since been concluded. We'll announce further plans for this feature soon, but for now it cannot be enabled.

I lost the password to my RLG account

If you have lost the password to your RLG account, you can request a password reset on the password reset page.

Why can't I make a trade or message users

Before you're able to send messages or create trades, you have to link at least one of your platform accounts by visiting your Account page whilst logged in. The verification steps vary by platform - follow the instructions carefully.

You'll need at least 35 online wins on your Rocket League account. If you've won this many but the process says otherwise, please ensure that your Epic Account is configured properly on the Rocket League Account Activation page on the official Rocket League website.

Why Was My Account Deactivated?

It is very, very rare that our moderation team make mistakes and bans are usually well justified with supporting evidence. Please check our trading rules at rocket-league.com/trading/rules. If after this you're still not sure why, you may contact us, but appeals are very rarely successful.

How do I change my username?

You can change the username on your own by visiting your Account Settings page.

Keep in mind that you need to be logged in for this and there is a 60 days cooldown until you can change your name again, so be careful.

I want to delete my account

We'll be sad to see you go, but to delete your account you can head to the Security Section of your account settings. Please press the "Request Permanent Account Deletion" button and follow the steps to verify the request.

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