Trading Safely In Rocket League

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Most people are good-hearted and would never scam you. But whenever there is a community built around trading valuable items, there will always be some bad people who break the rules. Be sure to follow all of the advice below so that you know how to avoid getting scammed in Rocket League.


Do not fall for phishing scams

Phishing is when scammers create fraudulent websites that ask you to enter the username and password of your Rocket League account. If you sign in to a scammer’s phishing site, the scammer will know your login info and will use it to steal your account. 

Phishing sites often look similar to known and trusted sites, in an attempt to appear normal and believable. For example, many phishing sites look like the real Steam, Epic Games, Playstation, and RL Garage login pages, to trick you into thinking they are legitimate. Always check links for spelling errors or extra letters, and stay away from unfamiliar sites.

To protect yourself against phishing:

Do not click on suspicious links, even if you are told you will get free items or credits.  Do not click on links when adding other players to trade, except for the gamertag links on their profile. Use the in-game invite system to add players to trade without clicking on unfamiliar links. Do not enter your personal information into any websites. Only sign in to your Rocket League account from the game launching client installed on your device.

Do not fall for trust trade scams (risk & reward)

Never trust another player with your inventory, expecting them to pay you in a future trade. Many scams happen when you trust other players to pay you at a later time. Only agree to deals that can be completed in one trade. Avoid all trades that are based on trust. 

Do not pay entry fees to other players for any reason. Avoid the following:

Wagering on 1v1 Rocket League matches (or any other type of match) Paying to enter giveaways or raffles Paying another player to build a blueprint for you Do not trade with players who claim they have redeem codes for popular items such as Fennec, Octane, Nissan Skyline, Alpha items, or Black Market decals. These codes do not exist.

Do not trade with players who want your help making YouTube or TikTok thumbnails. These players offer you a reward for accepting a trade you don't agree to, claiming that you can cancel the trade before it completes. Scammers have ways of preventing you from cancelling a trade once it has been accepted. So never accept a trade unless you agree to it being completed, because you might not be able to cancel.

Do not trade with players who say they can duplicate your items. Duplication is not possible.

Do not let another player borrow your items for any reason.

Avoid any player who asks to try your items on their car.  Avoid any player who can’t pay you until later because their credits are time-locked. Do not trade with players who claim to have glitched items. Glitched items do not exist. Do not accept a trade if any items or credits appear to be missing, even if your trade partner says they are there. Do not trade items or credits for real-world money. Real-money trading puts you at risk of scams and other illegal activity.

Do not trade with players who request a middleman when it is not needed. If you are trading less than 24 items or less than 100,000 credits with another player, it can be done without a middleman.

Do not buy, sell, or share accounts. It can easily lead to your account being compromised.


Ignore fake trades

Scammers use fake trades to trick you into overpaying for inexpensive items.

Do not buy an item to resell for profit if only one player is making a nice offer for it.

Only buy an item to resell for profit if several players have made similar offers for it so you know it is actually valuable.

Avoid any player who offers to reward you for finding and purchasing an item for them. If you buy the item, the player will not reward you, and you will lose all of the credits that you spent. Never buy an item, expecting to be rewarded afterwards. Players can find items on their own without your help, and they know this. Do not put your inventory at risk.

Do not fall for item swap scams

Beware of players who remove items or credits from the trade window, hoping that you won’t notice.

Do not accept a trade unless you are sure what’s being offered is correct.

Check that items are correct by using the Show Details button. This is a button that shows all of an item’s information so you can be sure your trade partner is giving the correct item.  

If you play on console, the Show Details button is the left joystick button on your controller.  If you play on PC, there is a button labeled Show Details that exists at the bottom-left area of the trade window. Do not be fooled by players who cancel a trade at the last second to quickly change their offer. If your trade partner pauses a trade after you’ve accepted, always use the Show Details button again to make sure they did not remove something valuable.

Do not buy the wrong trade-up items

Players who buy trade-up items can use the Show Details button to make sure they only buy items that trade up in the correct way. 

Non-crate items say "exotic", “import'', or "very rare" and do not have any additional crate or series information.  Crate items and items from a specific series say which crate or series they are from.


Thanks for reading. Have fun trading, and stay safe!


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Platinum II · Division III
11 months ago
some people ask for the certification of the object to do the exchange, what is this certification? and how can I do it?


Platinum II · Division I
7 months ago
They just ask you to send them items so they can check if the item is "certified", but every item that you can trade is certified so dont send them any items


4 months ago
Why no one can't see my trades and messages?


Diamond III · Division I
6 months ago
i got scamed by brutal genie can i get my items back


9 months ago
I got scammed black standard a while ago, can’t remember the persons user name, i was proper annoyed tho.


Diamond I · Division I
20 days ago
jolynbonar6g's trades | Rocket League Garage (rocket-league.com) - scammer (scam me on 1800cr)


Gold II · Division II
25 days ago
I got scammed duelling dragons and I remember the username it’s Abma224


Gold III · Division III
1 month ago
Trade me i whant zomba tw and fennec tw


Diamond II · Division II
1 month ago
I got scammed of sky blue zombas from PlayStation account (Ozean_Clutch) I need help:(


Diamond II · Division II
1 month ago
I got scammed from


Platinum I · Division I
2 months ago
On a real level in talking to some guy about interstellar and when I say I putted up for I get straight warning like on a level fix this


2 months ago
الكفر الااحمر


2 months ago
Stay safe when trading in Rocket League. Protect yourself against scammers by reading our safety guide.


Diamond I · Division I
3 months ago
Bro no im not scam


Gold III · Division I
3 months ago
But i said fortnite and it got a warning
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