Welcome to Rocket League Garage! The site originally launched in early 2014 as a source of news for those involved in the Rocket League Alpha test. While player numbers were limited we wanted to be the best source for updates on the game. That didn't really work out though, and despite several different focuses the site was shelved at the end of the alpha in August 2014.

It wasn't until April 2015 that the idea for site you see today was fully realised. Our project lead Vicegold joined forces with some of the most creative community members around, Cristian of Rocket League Cinema and Chewy of Rocket League Academy. serubi came on board too to help with site development, and the project was underway.

A month later QuestFerret re-joined the team having worked on some of the original versions of the site, and by the launch of Rocket League on July 7th we had a fully featured (if not rough around the edges) website. Since then we've had more than 3,700,000 user registrations, including some of the best Rocket League players like Kronovi, Paschy90, Kuxir97, Markydooda and many more. We've served more than a billion page impressions, allowed our users to create many millions of trades and we're home to thousands of teams, and have had many tournaments run using our software.

In August 2015 we also joined forces with Cloudfuel and his Rocket League Central project, which helped propel us further. The addition of his organisational skills and knowledge of the professional Rocket League scene has lead to us becoming the home of the Rocket League power rankings, a Rocket League event finder, and of course the incredible weekly RocketRoyale tournament.

Where are we going next? It's hard to tell, but we hope you'll join us on that journey.

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