Playlist population

Good, great or amazing? Check out how many players are currently playing Rocket League!

146943 Current online players

Playlist Players
Main Menu (RL) 9389
Ranked Doubles (2v2) 5338
Ranked Standard (3v3) 3687
Doubles (2v2) 2520
Standard (3v3) 2386
Training (RL) 1887
Private Match (RL) 1308
Ranked Duel (1v1) 620
Ranked Rumble (3v3) 518
Match Queue (RL) 500
Training Pack (RL) 447
Chaos (4v4) 398
Duel (1v1) 309
Ranked Hoops (2v2) 218
Ranked Dropshot (3v3) 206
Offline Splitscreen Match (RL) 118
Ranked Snow Day (3v3) 110
Workshop Match (RL) 61
Season Match (RL) 39
Ranked Tournaments (RL) 23

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