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RLG Key To celebrate the release of the RLG Rewards Program, all users will receive 1 free RLG Key (Today only) April fools'!

Available funds

Champions Crate 1
Champions Crate 2
Champions Crate 3
Champions Crate 4
Player's Choice
Turbo Crate
Random Crate (w/ better odds)

April fools'!

Sorry if your dreams were shattered!

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What is the RLG Rewards Program?

Ever since the release of our RLG Trading section, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from the community. That's why we've been looking for ways to give back to the community.

The RLG Rewards Program is a way to reward our active users of the RLG Trading site. Every active RLG Trading user will occasionally receive virtual RLG Keys, which can be used to open virtual RLG Crates on our site. These RLG Keys will be given to users based on activity and overall reputation.

RLG Crates are essentially a virtual version of real Rocket League crates. They act the same way, with realistic item drop odds, but they are opened in your webbrowser instead. Items you land on can be claimed, meaning you will receive the item ingame within a reasonable time period (usually within 24 hours).

How do I receive reputation?

Your reputation is calculated based on the amount of:

  • Time spent on RLG Trading
  • Successful trades created
  • Comments presenting a positive/honest attitude
  • Reports filed against you (less = good)

Why must I wait to receive my items ingame?

This is because Psyonix currently doesn't have an open API available for Rocket League. This means we have no way of automating the process of giving items, hence why our moderators are forced to do it manually.

How do I select my preferred platform (Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Epic Games)?

When a moderator is available, you will receive private message on RLG, asking for your preferred platform (as well as your gamertag, if it's not already specified under your account settings). Once that info has been given, you will receive a friend request on the platform of your choice, and you will receive your item(s).

So.. what's the catch?

There isn't one! Simple as that.

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