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This Week in Rocket League

2 years ago by Jasher in Rocket League News
News from Psyonix Patch 1.38

After the Autumn Update on September 28th, players reported various issues the update introduced. On Wednesday, Psyonix released a patch to help resolve issues introduced, including: fixing broken audio, adjusting demolitions, fixing Season 4 boost trails, and more.

Haunted Hallows Event

When the Autumn Update was announced in September, Psyonix introuduced a new crate event system. For a limited-time, decryptors and special crates with unique items will be dropped when playing the game. On Friday, Psyonix announced that Haunted Hallows, the first event, will start October 16th. Players will be able to acquire Haunted Hallows crates through online match drops, buying them with Candy Corn (a limited-time currency), or buying them directly (similar to keys).

Esports News RLCS S4 World Championship: Washington D.C.

Last Tuesday, the Rocket League Championship Series (Psyonix / Twitch) announced that this season’s World Championships will take place at the MGM National Harbor Theatre in Washington D.C. 10 teams, 4 from Europe, 4 from North America, and 2 from Oceania, will fight for the World Championship Title on Veteran’s Day Weekend (Nov 10th-12th) in the capital of the United States.


Points of Interest

For the 1st time, the RLCS World Championship is located on the east coast of the United States.   For the 1st time, every team attending the RLCS World Championship is sponsored.   Only 2 former World Champions will play at the Season 4 World Championship: Kronovi and Turbopolsa.   25% of the attending players from North America are first timers to the World Championship: Torment, SquishyMuffinz, Gimmick, and JKnaps.   50% of the attending players from Europe are first timers to the World Championship: al0t, Mognus, Metsanauris, Bluey, Chausette, FreaKii.  


RLCS S4 European Championship

Results and Standings  

Old Spice Player of the Week: Kaydop  

Power Rankings: 9/25-10/8  

Points of Interest

Gale Force Esports are the 4th different European Champion. 4 teams from Europe qualified for the World Championship: Gale Force Esports (1), Method (2), MockIt Eports (3), and PSG eSports (4). 2 teams qualified for the next season of RLCS League Play: exceL and Flipsid3 Tactics.   4 teams will play for 2 RLCS and 2 RLRS spots in the promotional playoff on October 29th: EnVyUs (1), Team Secret (2), Fnatic (3), and The Juicy Kids (4).   5 players missed the World Championship for the 1st time: kuxir97, Markydooda, remkoe, Greazymeister, and Sikii.  


RLCS S4 North American Championship

Results and Standings

Old Spice Player of the Week: SquishyMuffinz  

Power Rankings: 9/18-10/8   

Points of Interest

Cloud9 are only the 2nd team to win the North American Championship. NRG claimed the title in RLCS Seasons 1-3. 4 teams from North America qualified for the World Championship: Cloud9 (1), Ghost (2), NRG (3), and G2 (4). 2 teams qualified for the next season of RLCS League Play: Rogue and FlyQuest.   4 teams will play for 2 RLCS and 2 RLRS spots in the promotional playoff on October 28th: Allegiance (1), Renegades (2), Fibeon (3), and OutOfStyle (4).   2 players missed the World Championship for the 1st time: Sadjunior and Pluto. Throwdown S2: Week 5



The OCE Power Rankings - 02/10 - 09/10 

Points of Interest

4 teams qualified for the Throwdown Championship: JAM Gaming (1), Chiefs eSports Club (2), Pale Horse eSports (3), and Scylla Esports (4).   2 teams will advance from the Throwdown Championship to the RLCS World Championship in Washington D.C.   The Throwdown Championship will take place at PAX Australia October 27th-29th.   Roster News

Stocki leaves The Juicy Kids  

Around the Community MLD Season 6

After just ending their 5th season last week, Minor League Doubles is already on the lookout for the next set of players interested in joining their Platinum League. If you are interested in learning more, read their Reddit thread.

ORSA Dynasty Cup: Season 3

The ORSA Dynasty Cup is a season based league for players of all skill levels. Register here for Season 3!

Elevate League Tier 2 Open Qualifier

Elevate League organizes 8-week seasons for 3 tiers of players:

Tier 1: Bronze 1 - Gold 3 Tier 2: Platinum 1 - Diamond 3 Tier 3: Champion 1 - Grand Champion

They are currently looking for more players that fit the Tier 2 criteria. For more information, check out their Reddit post.

Local Events (LANs) in October

Keep an eye out for the $30K Northern Arena Invitational this weekend on Twitch!  

Cloud9: RLCS S4 North American Champions, DreamHack Atlanta Champions   NRG: 3-time RLCS North American Champions, X-Games Champions   G2 Esports: 2nd place in RLCS S4 NA League Play   Ghost: 2nd place in RLCS S4 NA Championship, 3rd place in RLCS S4 NA League Play   Gale Force Esports: RLCS S4 European Champions, 2nd place at DreamHack Atlanta, 2nd place at X-Games   Method: 2nd place in RLCS S4 EU Championship, 1st place in RLCS S4 EU League Play   PSG: 2nd place in RLCS S4 EU League Play   Mirage Ghost: GaLzZy, renaN, WaliDoS

Check the Reddit post for a full list of LANs ocurring in October!

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