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This Week in Rocket League: 08/28/17-09/04/17

10 months ago by Jasher in Rocket League News
RLCS Season 4

After 4 community-driven qualifiers, 128 teams from Europe and 128 teams from North America competed in play-in. By the end of this weekend, 6 teams from each region qualified for RLCS League Play and 8 more made RLRS League Play.

In Oceania, 16 teams qualified for the last 6 league play spots.

North America

Expectations were met for Cloud9 and G2 Esports, as both qualified for RLCS through the upper bracket. Incognito goes on a hot streak, puts Splyce and Hollywood Hammers in the lower bracket, and qualifies for RLRS after losses to G2 Esports and Premature Superhero Cops. Emotion qualifies for RLCS by eliminating Hollywood Hammers from RLCS / RLRS qualification and putting their former sponsor, Fibeon, into the RLRS. Cypher eliminated Splyce and The D00ds from RLCS / RLRS qualification before qualifying for RLRS themselves. The former North American heavyweights, Gambit and Genocop, qualify for RLRS under Premature Superhero Cops with Prem.

LEAGUETEAMROSTER RLCS NRG Fireburner / Jacob / GarrettG / DudeWithTheNose RLCS Rogue Matt / Sizz / Insolences / Red RLCS FlyQuest CorruptedG / Sadjunior / Chrome / Pepiope RLCS G2 Esports Kronovi / JKnaps / Rizzo / Turtle RLCS Cloud9 Torment / SquishyMuffinz / Gimmick / Napp RLCS Ghost Klassux / Lethamyr / Zanejackey / Blueze RLCS Renegades Dappur / Timi / Moses / Mijo RLCS Emotion Sea-bass / TyNotTyler / Allushin / Blaze       RLRS Incognito gorocksgo / JWismont / Tuster / Nickymac18 RLRS Wildcard Gaming Laz / Nomad / Pepper / Astroh. RLRS Cypher Dooble / Kerupt / King Wizard / Akenro RLRS SetToDestroyX Lemonpuppy / Halcyon / Memory / Loomin RLRS Ambition Esports PrimeThunder / Wonder / Air / sQuill RLRS Out of Style Lachinio / EPICJonny / JSTN RLRS Premature Superhero Cops Prem / Gambit / genocop / donnie RLRS Fibeon Chicago / Zolhay / Hato / Raze

For a more in-depth review, check out The Half Flip’s North American recap.


Frontline, the hottest team on the planet, swept The Leftovers, Season 3 LAN contenders, and made themselves eligible for RLCS. In arguably the most entertaining match of the weekend, Aeriality defeated The Leftovers in a 5 minute Game 5 overtime, qualifying themselves for RLCS and placing The Leftovers in RLRS. In the Cinderella story of the weekend, the #43 seed, eHawkerz, claimed their RLRS eligibility by defeating the #15 seeded Ascendance.

LEAGUETEAMROSTER RLCS EnVyUs Remkoe / Deevo / gReazy / Mout RLCS FlipSid3 Tactics Markydooda / Kuxir97 / Miztik / JHZER RLCS exceL Nielskoek / Pwndx / Zensuz / Masterio RLCS Gale Force eSports ViolentPanda / Turbopolsa / Kaydop / Dogu RLCS frontline Ferra / Bluey / Chausette45 / Yukeo RLCS Mockit eSports paschy90 / Fairy Peak! / FreaKii / PetricK RLCS Method al0t / Metsanauris / Mognus / Sniper RLCS Aeriality Continuum / Tylacto / FlamE / Ertunc       RLRS Endpoint Tinny / Cheerio / Shakahron / Pulsar RLRS Inspiration Oscillon / Sebadam / Lauty / Flakes RLRS Supersonic Avengers PauliepaulNL / ELMP / Shikuni / kilEak RLRS BoonkGang Skyline / Mummisnow / EyeIgnite / Tizz RLRS eHawkerz Kontrol / GCR710 / dani_ana RLRS The Juicy Kids Killerno7 / stocki / coKaaa / Frag RLRS Soul Gaming Wolfsonthemoon / Dadooh / SkieS / ghostfire RLRS The Leftovers Snaski / Maestro / Sikii / DanzhizzLe

For a more in-depth review, check out The Half Flip’s European recap.


Having been the top 2 teams in Oceania last RLCS, Chiefs, formerly Alpha Sydney, and Jam Gaming have auto-qualified for league play in Throwdown this season. Of the other qualified teams, look out for Pale Horse eSports, they have been climbing the Oceanic Power Rankings.

TEAMROSTER Chiefs ESC Torsos / Drippay / Jake / Enigma JAM Gaming Montyconnor / Express / shadey Pale Horse eSports CJCJ / Kamui / Kia Legacy Esports Soma / ZeN / Plitz Scylla Esports Dumbo / SnarfSnarf / Addzey Avant Gaming cyrix / ellusive / Siki Conspiracy Esports Hectic / Slurpee / Walcott Noizees isn't toxic Noizees / Outlast / Zest MLD: Hurricane Harvey Charity Stream

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and the surrounding region. To help with relief efforts, Minor League Doubles decided to dedicate a league play night to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. At the time of this writing, MLD had raised over $1200 to help those in need. For more information, check out the Reddit post.

FlyQuest signs eQuinox

Last season, under the Denial Esports banner, Sadjunior and CorruptedG placed 7th-8th in the World Championship. Since then, they have added Chrome and established themselves as one of the top teams in North America. This past Friday, it was announced that eQuinox was signed by FlyQuest, an organization founded by Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens. Having qualified for RLCS over the weekend, it is already clear that FlyQuest has made a wise investment.

Psyonix at PAX West

Make sure to watch Psyonix Cory's talk about the esport landscape in the talk "We Can Train You: A Guide to Winning your First Tournament." Also check out Corey Davis' reading of Rocket League fanfiction.



RLCS Season 4 North American Top 128 Play-In

RLCS Season 4 European Top 128 Play-In

RLCS Season 4 OCE Throwdown Top 16

Welcome to RLCS / RLRS Season 4!

MLD Charity Stream for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

FlyQuest signs eQuinox


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