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The End of the Road: NA RLCS: Renegades

2 years ago by TheTrueTerry in Esports


The Renegades didn't get much coverage going into the new RLCS season. More of the conversation was about Cloud9 picking up The Muffin Men, G2's consistency and if NRG could hold their title as the NA Regional Champions. So the Renegades went into League Play under the radar, with not many people discussing their changes.

They did bring changes into Season 4 though. Mijo had stepped down to a substitute role in the team which allowed Moses to come in from the disbanded Ohana, a team that failed to make League Play the previous season. Also the team participated in the X Games invitational finishing in a respectable 3rd/4th place and became known as Renegades rather than Selfless. Apart from that nothing really happened and many people were optimistic of whether Timi would have another great league play and if they could go on another 4 game unbeaten streak.

Qualifying for Season 4


The Renegades had the chance to qualify for RLCS through the upper bracket meaning they were undefeated in the Qualifiers, however a close 5 game series with FlyQuest and an overtime loss meant that Dappur, Timi and Moses had to battle it out through the lower bracket, but they had at least guaranteed an RLRS spot. With either RLCS or RLRS decided by the next match, The Renegades took on the Premature Superhero Cops for a space in the top league. A controlling series meant that Prem, Gambit and Genocop would play in the lower division this season and The Renegades would fill one of the remaining spaces for the RLCS.



By beating PSC, Renegades returned to the Championship Series


A Slow Start...

Renegades featured in the Second match of the new RLCS season against the 3x RLCS NA Regional Champions NRG. The Titan that is NRG were able to quickly sweep Renegades, only allowing 2 goals in during the entire series, and in return scored 7 times on the Renegades. Sure, it was definatley a tough start to play against NRG in your first fixture, but if you think that was bad luck, think again. The team was then greeted by one of the more up and down teams in recent seasons, G2 eSports. In this series the Renegades started to connect but it wasn't enough as they could only take Game 2 and G2 went onto win the series 3-1. They did, however, score 5 more goals then they did against NRG.

NRG were too good for The Renegades beating them in a 3 game sweep.

The only way is Up

Week 2 was the Renegades week off as they prepared for an important game at the bottom of the standings. An 0-3 Allegiance was next in line for them, and a win was desperatley needed. But Allegiance didn't go down without a fight. They managed to take Renegades all the way to Game 5 in the series, but eventually they fell to their opponents. This was the only time in a series that they managed to score more than 10 goals, with them notching up 13 goals in 5 games. But the Renegades weren't finished there, they had a rematch with FlyQuest from their qualifier match, but once again their opponents were too powerful for them as they fell to FlyQuest in a 3-1 series. 

More wins needed

1-3. Renegades would probably need at least 2 wins from their last 3 games if they wanted to secure play-offs. Their first challenge would be Ghost, a team that took down the NA champions NRG earlier in League Play. But the same result occurred for the Renegades as they lost in 4 games, and had a goal difference of -2 in the series. In all of their games the results were close, but they were never able to get the wins in the series, but all of this was blown out of the water when Rogue put on a commanding 3-0 sweep against them, winning the first game 6-3 and ending the play-off hopes for the Renegades. Their last series they got swept as well. A demanding C9 win meant that Renegades fell to 8th seed overall in NA and are forced to play against Fibeon in the Promotion/Relegation league. 

In the Pro Rivalry League: Rival Week II, Renegades played against Fibeon in a taster game for the Promotion/Relegation league, however Fibeon could win 2 Best of 7's in a row taking the series against them.

Post Season Stats


THE RENEGADES GOALS ASSISTS SAVES Dappur 16 5 41 Timi 17 13 38 Moses 9 7 35 Mijo (subbed v Rogue) / 3 4 The Renegades conceded 69 Goals in this RLCS Season They could only score 42 This means their goal difference was -27
They were the most swept team in NA, being beaten in 3 games 3 times Due to the Allegiance win v FlyQuest, Renegades finished at the bottom of League Play They lost 20 individual games and only won 6 Meaning their Win percentage was: 23.08% The worst in NA


Playing at the Highest level weekly is hard

On paper it may seem like the Renegades aren't a top side and don't deserve an RLCS spot, but it's very difficult to consistently play at the top level without falling off. These players are incredibly talented so if you haven't already, drop them a follow on twitter:

Dappur's twitter

Moses' twitter

Timi's twitter

Mijo's twitter

Renegades twitter


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2 years ago
Nice article :)
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