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The Early Days of Competitive Rocket League

10 months ago by Shalthis in Esports

I thought I’d give you a brief history of competitive Rocket League. Before the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), Psyonix’s didn’t really have any official involvement in the competitive scene. At the very beginning, we only had the ESL Cups for Cosmic Aftershock and Teamy Weamy to compete and Psyonix was footing the bill. FlipSid3 Tactics was one of the first organizations to enter the scene and they remain with most of the same team.

We would celebrate when an org entered the scene but now, since most orgs want in, we really want to know what the org offered. However, we and the players wanted more. We all wanted Psyonix to enter the scene. But no luck.

CloudFuel, the founder of Rocket League Central and many of the early events, helped coordinate the RLC Pro League, which I had the fortune or casting. Thanks to the work of Cloud, players and other talent were found and helped make the RLC Pro League very successful and a lot of fun to be a part of. At the time, it was also the richest Rocket League event, thanks to the donations of the community.

ESL continued on, soon joined in Europe by Gfinity, but nothing could compete with the early days like Rocket Royale and RLC Pro League. As we got closer to RLCS, more faces started to enter the competitive scene such as Mock-It and the Pulsar Primer League. However, once RLCS launched, it quickly became the premier 3v3 competition.

I was proud to be a part of the early days of Rocket League Esports before I had my strokes and maybe someday, I can re-join the competitive scene as a caster and personality.


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