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The Dorado Item Series

2 months ago by QuestFerret in Rocket League News

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen an all-new item series added to Rocket League, but last night Psyonix announced the launch of the Dorado Blueprint Series. The Dorado series brings two dozen shiny new items to the game, with some real classics amongst them.

All of the items in the series are tradable, paintable, and can be found on the RL Garage item database. They're also available to list in trades, so if anything on the list takes your fancy, or you're lucky enough to have already gotten a blueprint drop you want to sell, head that way now.


Jackal (Import)

The Jackal body uses the Octane hitbox and looks a little bit like a cross between the Ford F-150 RLE, and the Ripper. It’ll feel familiar to those of you who use Octane, so it has the potential to be popular, but the looks of the thing may not have universal appeal. It's always nice to have another battle car in the garage though!

Goal Explosions

Phoenix Cannon (Black Market)

If you pay attention to the Rocket League item shop, or play with those who do, then you may have already seen the Phoenix Cannon goal explosion. It was available for 2000 credits on November 29th and 30th, and went down very well as one of the most up-voted items from the past few months.

Now though it’s available painted, and prices for the more desirable colours are through the roof. Whilst it has a similar vibe to the Air Strike goal explosion, Phoenix Cannon doesn't appear to blow up cars that are caught in it, which is a little disappointing.


Jak'd Obverse (Exotic) Hasher Revolved (Import) Canister Infinite (Import) Chakram Holographic (Import) Jak'd (Very Rare) Hasher (Very Rare) Canister (Rare)

Of all the new wheels, the highlights are likely going to be the Jak'd Obverse and Chakram Holograhphics. Like the Phoenix Cannon explosion, Jak’d Obverse also appeared on the item shop, although they didn’t quite receive the same response.

For a lot of longer-term Rocket League players, Chakram wheels are an old favourite since appearing in the very first crate ever, released way back in late 2016. They’ve been long overdue for a special edition makeover, and Holographic may be the best one that they could have received.

Boosts & Trails

Ethereal (Import Boost) Ethereal (Very Rare Trail)

As for the rear of the car, there’s only two items in the entire Dorado series, and both share the name Ethereal. Both appeared in orange on the in-game item shop on the 29th November, and look beautiful, if not a little forgettable.


Stride Tide (Black Market) Warp Wave (Exotic Global) Distortion - Animus GP (Import) Swayzee - Octant (Import) Martian Wind - Dominus (Import) Oozy - Fennec (Import) Bodacious - Dominus (Very Rare) Huntres - Jackal (Very Rare) Sharpshooter - Jackal (Rare) Silencer - Jackal (Rare) Dragon Lord - Dingo (Rare)

Stride Tide is the headline Black Market decal of the Dorado series and looks great, perhaps in a slightly understated way. Perfect for the holidays, it sees a frosty effect move over your battle car, slowly fading between your primary and accent colours. It's perhaps not the most eye catching, but works well for a minimalist yet interesting look.


Polygrid (Very Rare Finish) Spectral (Rare Banner)

As for other items, there’s nothing particularly special. The polygrid paint finish is interesting enough, featuring isometric triangles that cover the surface of your battle car, but is unlikely to be that valuable in the long run.

So, what are your thoughts on the Dorado series? Are there any items that you’ve seen that you just have to have? Have you already picked up any of them, either through trading or while they were available on the item shop? Let me know down in the comments, and if you’re buying anything on the shop, don’t forget to use the creator code RLGARAGE #EpicPartner


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1 month ago
I want painted Phoenix cannon SO BAD


7 days ago
It’s looks super cool


18 days ago
nu last comment me check out my trade offers btw


18 days ago
LAst comment me Arfsyn50


19 days ago
Last comment me buoi


28 days ago
Notice the typo “Octant”


1 month ago


1 month ago
I got the jak’d obverse dorado series but idk how much they are worth


1 month ago
I want the cobalt jackal cause i collect loads of cobalt.


1 month ago
Give something to me


2 months ago


2 months ago
Dorado series... Season 6 theme tease???


2 months ago
That's cool and all but mustangs?


2 months ago
It’s an series not bundle


2 months ago
How many credits is it?????
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