Spooketh 2019 Design Contest

10 months ago by Metazolid in Site News


It’s this time of the year again, where pumpkins suddenly litter front porches for the next 4-6 months and nobody really knows why. The time to scare the heck out of kids in cheap costumes and getting away with it and the best time to buy tons of candy without feeling the worried looks of other customers piercing your skin. Get some fake spiderwebs, adopt a black cat, wear a funny hat and make the best out of these days. Create a car that reflects this special time of the year in the best way possible and spook your way through the competition!

Thousands of players trade for items everyday to give their vehicles a unique style. We want to reward those who put additional creativity into their designs and inspire others to do the same. From Tuesday on, everyone can submit two entries of their favorite Hallowheen themed cars here, to have a chance of winning a prize and a dedicated showcase spot in our design champions gallery.

The contest is not limited to PC - every platform can participate.

Good luck and have fun!


How to enter

To enter the contest, visit the event page here: https://rocket-league.com/event/about.


1st place will receive 35 keys.
2nd place will receive 25 keys.
3rd place will receive 15 keys

Join the discussion on our Discord in #car_designs.


10 months ago
how long till the design champions gallery is finished I really want to have a look. at it so can u maybe put some focuss on it please
10 months ago
it’s not open yet?
10 months ago
It's in the making, we're currently focussing on other parts of the website but the gallery will be up eventually :)
10 months ago
when will the design champions gallery. be open
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