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Shalthis Says: A Lesson in Shoutcasting - Dead Air Followup

1 year ago by Shalthis in Esports

When it comes to dead air, I got a lot of feedback on that term so I thought I’d clarify. Being silent is a useful tool in casting, but completely running out of things to say is a problem. While running out of things to say is a problem in a game like Rocket League, silence can often be useful to reset commentary’s brain or to better facilitate the cast. A real problem is just speaking to avoid silence without having anything worthwhile to really say.

Avoiding silence is very different from avoiding dead air. For example, if color can’t find the words to describe something and play-by-play can’t step in during the replay or kickoff, it’s okay to have a little silence to either punctuate the moment or allow color to find the words.

Dead air is the act of awkwardly forgetting what to say on air and doesn’t serve any purpose other than communicating that you’re a bad caster. Occasionally, you may not have the words for something and that’s fine. While you or your co-caster may need to fill in, the occasional silence is fine. Once it becomes regular, then you have a problem.

Remember, your job is to be a caster, you’re there to complement the on-screen action. Dead air typically takes everyone watching the broadcast out of the show. It can also disrupt the flow of commentary and make things harder on your partner.

Now, a really good caster knows how to utilize silence to make their broadcast better. A bad caster steps on silence to fill every void with words and runs their mouth when they don’t have to. It’s not about filling silence, it’s about providing garnish for the steak.


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