Rocket Pass 6

6 months ago by serubi in Rocket League News

Rocket Pass 6 is here, and all of the new items are ready to be traded on Rocket League Garage!

See our item database for a full list of items in Rocket League.


For those interested, here is the full list of Rocket Pass 6 items that can be traded:

Bodies Ronin GXT


Wheels Blade Wave Blade Wave: Inverted Cyberware Jandertek Jandertek: Holographic Muscle Boy Q-Runner Shortwire Stuffed Crust Ton-Eighty TRI-2050 Z-RO Z-RO: Inverted


Rocket Boosts Glimmerslag II HoloData Rad Rock


Trails Hex Fade HoloData Rad Rock


Antennas Floppy


Decals Caution Waves (Universal) Compound C (Universal) Dune-Sweeper (Universal) Hive Mind (Gizmo) Mammoth (Breakout) Tigress (Universal)


Toppers Alpinist Checkmate Sure Shot Tranquil Tangerine


Goal Explosions HoloData Overgrowth Rad Rock


Banners Hornet Metropolis RNSM


Avatar Borders Tranquility


Engine Audio Electro-Mag Initializer


These are the new Special Edition items

Blade Wave: Inverted Jandertek: Holographic Z-RO: Inverted


3 months ago
I hope it’s better in a month????!!!!!!!!
5 months ago
dats dope
6 months ago
I’m jacked bros
6 months ago
bonkers thanks
6 months ago
wow those inverted are insane i hope to get some black and tw from each one :D
6 months ago
thannks, serubi
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