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Rocket Pass 2 is here

10 months ago by serubi in Rocket League News

Rocket Pass 2 is finally here, and all of the new items (including the new Special Edition items) are ready to be traded on Rocket League Garage!

Check out our item database for a full list of items in Rocket League.


For those interested, here is the full list of Rocket Pass 2 items that can be traded:

Bodies Artemis GXT


Wheels Moko Madness II Polychrome Plasmatic Teller Daemon-Kelpie Rocket Forge II Rocket Forge II: Holographic (Special Edition) Sprocket Sprocket: Infinite (Special Edition) Gripstride HX Gripstride HX: Inverted (Special Edition)


Rocket Boosts Pickle Super Manga-Bolt III


Antennas Peggy Panda


Decals Alley Cat (Marauder) Quick Fix (Road Hog) Watermelon (Octane) Future Shock (Universal) Streak Wave (Universal)


Toppers Udder Camera Alarm Clock Snail Juicebox Mad Bomber Drone III


Trails Tachyon III


Goal Explosions Quasar III


Banners Gamer Pad Tread Heavily Gold-Plated


Avatar Borders Twinkle Box


Keep in mind, only items rewarded in tiers 71 and above can be traded. These items will always have the Painted or Special Edition attribute, while there's a 25% chance of them being certified.

These are the three Special Edition items so far:

Gripstride HX: Inverted Rocket Forge II: Holographic Sprocket: Infinite


Do you agree with this change? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. Please keep it civil :^)


4 months ago
i my name doody
8 months ago
9 months ago
People missing the question or don’t understand it’s a 25% CHANCE of them being CERTIFIED. The special edition is random and yes there will be less of those drops because those are rare. I DON’T agree with the first 70 items being trade locked, what if we don’t want those items stuck in our inventory???? What if we want to sell or trade them for other things???? Why would you force us to keep those items? It’s like your forcing people to buy it just to get the items like huntress, medallion and octane jet stream. Other then that rp2 is cool the wheels are nice and everything in it is pretty decent stuff. Next rp2 don’t lock items in our inventory and make a new ROAD HOG OR ROAD HOG XL in Rocketpass3
10 months ago
yea so cool
10 months ago
yes it is
10 months ago
I quit rocket league for a while and have been confused on how the tier system works. Some people hav
10 months ago
I'm so happy I got a couple of the special edition gripstrides, one of them is white (:.
10 months ago
u have 25% chance to get special editin wheel intead of normal. I have 160 tier got only 3 special edition wheels.
10 months ago
oof those gripsriteds inverted LOOK FRICKIN FIRE
10 months ago
how can we have special edition wheels? Is it a random drop as painted one?
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