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RLG Spooketh Design Contest winners

27 days ago by Metazolid in Site News

We got a lot of great designs this time around, thanks for everyone who participated!

We have a split 3rd place tie, so we actually have 4 winners this time!
Stay tuned for more events and contests in the coming months but now to our winners:

#1 goes to The devil by SkyKrystal (93 votes)

#2 goes to Gold Demon by Jakisbak (42 votes)

#3 goes to both trick or treat by fabm (32 votes)


as well as Lime Witch by PikasGarage (32 votes)

Congratulations to all of you for winning our Spooketh Halloween Design Contest 2019, we're going to reach out to each one of you to hand over the prizes.

You can view all 10 of the contending submissions here: https://rocket-league.com/event/the-rlg-spooketh-design-contest/picks

The Champions Gallery is still in progress, we're currently focussing on other functions of the site but we're going to have a collection of the designs at some point in the future :D

We will improve our events by constructive criticism from you. If you have suggestions, ideas or points that can be improved on, make sure to write them down in the comments and we will take them into consideration for the upcoming events.


6 hours ago
As already mentioned the fact that two of the cars in the shortlist are identical is bizarre let alone the the fact half the selections use the exact same topper... Are we judging best car designs or best photo? Are goal explosions part of a car design? My biggest issue is the lack of variety in the shortlist, users should be encouraged for using not so often seen decals, bodies or items while adhering to the brief without just using items from the most recent event. And yes, I am bitter my submission wasn't picked! Lol, Thanks.
12 days ago
the devil: what decal is making heatwaves come off of the car?
20 days ago
remember it’s based of votes
24 days ago
So "fireween" and "Ares octane" are pretty much the same thing... this top ten is a lie. 6 out of 10 are octanes. 5 out of 10 uses horns. Yeah, this designs are so creative...
25 days ago
trick of treat is no sprooked ... wow is + spring design
26 days ago
tell me about it
27 days ago
I outruled photoshop in a sense that it can only be applied to the background and not overlay the car to give users with no photoshop skills an even chance. This is an ingame filter, applied to a well made car design that has been voted to the top by the users, not us. I will take your feedback into consideration, thank you.
27 days ago
And two of the top 10 designs were the exact same but with a different picture. Shouldn’t it be an actual design contest instead of a photography contest? A design can look like crap but, of course with photoshop, it seems to look like a decent one and not a garbage can. Y’all shouldn’t allow photoshop or filters or anything like that, it just makes it a contest of who I’d the best photographer at that point
27 days ago
So first place went to somebody who just edited their photo to make it seem like the design is better than it is... okay
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