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RLG Limelight Design Contest 2020

1 year ago by Metazolid in Site News


This is the beginning of our new series of color-focussed themes!

To encourage more creative designs, we will be hosting design contests more frequently from now on (approx. 1 per month).

We're going to start things off easy with Lime! A color very well suited for sporty and summery designs for example.

Make sure that at least one of your equipped and visible items is painted in Lime. Have fun combining this very versatile hue with different colors and gradients to make it stand out!

Once again, you can use light photoshop as long as it's only affecting the background.


How does it work?

You'll be able to submit up to two battle-car designs.
Submissions will be verified by RLG staff. During the submission period,
you will be able to view recent submissions from other users here.

When submissions close (on June 27th at 2pm CEST), RLG staff will nominate the top 24 best submissions.

On June 28th at 2pm CEST, voting will begin. All users will be able to vote for their favorites of the 24 nominations (you have 6 votes this time). The voting period will end after 48 hours on June 30th at 2pm CEST. Submissions with the most votes win!


Every platform can participate in this contest.

Please submit your designs via this website for a chance to win - https://rocket-league.com/event/add.

Join the discussion on our Discord in #car_designs.



1st place will receive 1500 Credits.

2nd place will receive 1000 Credits.

3rd place will receive 500 Credits.


15 days ago
Hmm what happened to "hosting design contests more frequently from now on?" 🤔
5 months ago
I have the perfect cobalt/crimson car
5 months ago
When is next competition?
6 months ago
When will it be gold Hi have the PERFECT car
1 year ago
Oh my gosh! When will it be colbat #iHaveThePerfectCar
1 year ago
My time to shine
1 year ago
Im just gonna grab all my lime items lol
1 year ago
this is gonna be interesting
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