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RLCS World Championship - The Leftovers vs JAM Gaming

12 months ago by TheTrueTerry in Esports

If you do the maths, and JAM Gaming got swept by Northern (#4 Seed) and only scored a singular goal, they're looking like favorites to get knocked out here, now playing against the EU #3 Seed.

The Lineups




JAM: Montyconnor

JAM: Express

JAM: Bango


Game 1

For one team, the lower bracket journey starts and for the other, their RLCS Journey comes to an end. Montyconnor picks up possession early on but pressure is applied from the Leftovers. The OCE roster gets a breakaway but an over commit and Snaski pushes the ball to Ferra who opens the scoring. Bango equalizes due to some hesitancy from Ferra on defense, caught sleeping on the ball and is dunked. Snaski can spread the ball across the pitch to Sikii who was darting forward from defense and he gets himself on the score sheet. Express carries the ball away from the OCE half of the court but Snaski with a low flick hits the post on the right of the goal. Sikii takes a shot but it's horizontal, he then hits the crossbar seconds later and they steal possession back to continue the offense. Ferra pulls up 2 defenders, plays it down and with no one in goal Snaski can come in to finish the job and score the goal. Possession goes to Leftovers in the corner. Snaski applies pressure on the oncoming defender to keep boost starving and pressure building on the boys from down under. A shot from Express but easily saved by Ferra, And Leftovers take the game, 3-1.

Game 2

Montyconnor with some early aggression but Ferra isn't having any of it as he can move the ball past the rushing Aussie. Bango opens the scoring with a pass from Express in the middle and can place it past the final defender. Ferra booms it onto the top left of the goal frame and it bounces off to Sikii who can secure the equalizer. Sikii gets a backboard pass to Ferra in the middle and he can just squeeze it to the left of the onrushing defender, Express gets one back though as he fakes going for the dunk, but ends up pinching it on the ground to fire it under Ferra in goal. Express plays it to the Leftovers box and Bango is alert to it, quick to turn around and gets the lead for JAM. But not for long as Sikii gets another pass from Teammate Snaski to hit a close shot home with a lot of power. 3-3, 2 minutes to go. Snaski wins a few 50/50s which allows Ferra to drive in and boom the ball to the far corner for the lead to go in favor of the EU seed. A sloppy clear from Express and once again Snaski can play it off the back wall to Ferra who gets another goal. Snaski gets himself a goal this time as he swaps roles with Ferra, he gets a pass from him and it is 6-3 to Leftovers. Ball drops, Leftovers are on match point and this time they look set to sweep rather than reverse sweep.

Game 3

This is it for JAM. But not a promising start as Sikii hits the crossover of the roof and wall for it to drop down for a tap in. Montyconnor pass to Express who can get a shot just under the crossbar. And an open goal shot from JAM due to a demo, JAM Gaming are 2-1 up here. Snaski with a pass to Sikii who takes a powershot, just stopped away by the OCE defense. Express gets up to make a clear and it rolls all the way in, 3-1 JAM. Sikii to Ferra but can't do anything. Then a pass from Snaski but it gets trapped by Express who scores a horrific own goal to reduce the deficit to 1. Ferra's attack was stopped by Bango who counters and hits the crossbar. Bango and Express with some close passing play but they can't create a goal and a tight angle for Leftovers means that Ferra and Snaski can't get the equalizer. Snaski blocks a few attempted clearances so Sikii can pass to Ferra, defender just gets in the way tough. Time ticking down, Snaski passes to Ferra who hits the top left on the buzzer beater and JAM stay alive.



Game 4

JAM are still in it, and would like to keep building on their recent win to springboard into a Game 5. Sikii takes a shot but it's wide. Moments later though Snaski fires a pass down onto the backboard for Ferra to easily follow up and score Goal #1. Sikii can block a JAM shot to keep their lead as the OCE roster keeps getting warmer and warmer. Once again Snaski and Ferra link up via. the Backboard to get another goal in the series. 2 minutes to go with JAM still chasing the game. Snaski pushes it to Sikii but the angle is too tight, pinned against the wall and gets beat by the open goal. Sikii sends it high, just melting down the clock. Snaski takes a bounce shot which hits the post and falls to Sikii who can slam it home and probably also slam JAM gaming home. Clock runs down, Leftovers win, JAM go home but they were obviously well deserved to get here in the first place.


JAM Played a lot better than Yesterday however the offence from the Leftovers proved to be too strong as they move on in the bracket.


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11 months ago
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