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RLCS World Championship - Rogue vs Northern Gaming

12 months ago by TheTrueTerry in Esports

The fan favorites so far from the LAN, Rogue, face a big challenge in the looks of Northern Gaming to stay alive in RLCS. However on Day 2, NG weren't preforming that great so we'll have a great series on our hands here today.

The Lineups



ROGUE: Turtle

NG: Turbopolsa

NG: Deevo

NG: Remkoe

Game 1

We kickoff the final day of RLCS S3 as an early bounce shot from Matt is saved from Turbo. He picks up possession and attempts to dribble past but is quickly stopped by remkoe. Matt flicks it over to Turtle who is too ahead of the ball to take a shot. Rogue taking many shots with constant pressure but a shift in momentum as Turbo sets up remkoe to open the scoring. 1-0 Northern. Remkoe blocks a clear from Sizz to drop it down on to goal. Saved and on a counter attack Matt can only hit the frame of the goal. Matt lifts the ball up, off the backboard to Turtle, but hes beaten to it by the EU defense. Sizz lifts it up to Matt who takes a shot, Bar Down and we are all tied up. Matt with a clear up field which is collected by NG who take possession and start again. Turtle with a cross goal pass and Matt is on the end of it to get the lead, 2-1 Rogue. Remkoe tries to get it away from the goal as a Turtle shot can only just be blocked away. Remkoe looping pass to Deevo who can't connect, but Super Sub Turbo with a lovely high shot who can equalize late in the game, 1 minute to go. remkoe reads a Sizz clear in an attempt to build some pressure. He does so minutes later as a patient play by Remkoe and he can push the ball past the defenders. 3-2 Northern. Turbo booms it up field, Deevo plays it up to kill the clock, a shot from Matt at last gasp is wide and hits the floor to end Game 1, in favor of Northern.

Game 2

First point in the series goes to Northern and Rogue are wanting some redemption. remkoe with a dangerous dribble but Matt on defense can block the attempt. A one in all in attack from Northern and eventually Turbo can boom it in to the top left corner to gain a lead in the opening minute. Turbo with a Spider-man clear from the back wall. Sizz can only return with a hard touch. Deevo to remkoe but moments later he can get a touch from the wall and drop it past the isolated defender. 2-0 to the EU seed. Deevo attempts to play it around the wall but it doesn't reach anyone in the mid. Turbo off the wall with a touch but can't snipe the top corner. An attempt from Sizz but remkoe can rotate in and clear the oncoming danger away. Turbo takes a smart touch away from Matt and Air dribbles to buy time for his team to retreat onto defense. Matt to the middle but Sizz is beaten to the ball again by the EU defense. Still 2-0 Northern. Turbo plays it off the wall to himself but Turtle can easily save it away due to a weak touch. Possession is handed over to Northern Gaming, Turbo with a whiff but can get a demolition on the rushing attacker. Final 5 seconds and Match Point to NG and Rogue are on the edge of defeat.

Game 3

Rogue needs the NA crowd energy as they are on the brink of an elimination, and it doesn't get any better as Deevo gets a 5 second goal. But plenty of time left for the NA #2 Seed. Deevo traps the ball between his car and the backboard, he can drop it onto remkoe's car though but he struggles to transfer into attacking mode. Sizz plays it to Matt who can't connect with a high angle. Remkoe plays it up high but it's intercepted and the NA team breakout on a counter attack, they can't make anything of it as both teams are struggling to build any pressure. A mad touch from Turtle and Turbo makes a last gasp save to block the ball away and keep the lead for his team. Remkoe to Turbo who attempts to play it onto the backboard but Sizz can clear it away. Turtle with a whiff that falls to Deevo but his shot is slightly to the right of the goal. Turbo with a 50/50 in the middle which allows a Rogue attack, a shot is blocked by remkoe. 1:00 to go and Rogue still hunting the golden goal. Rogue stuck on defense though and struggling to transition off. Sizz with a flick to Turtle and a 50/50 with Turbo means that it has just enough power to push into the goal, via, Sizz. We go to Overtime with one goal seperating Rogue from Elimination and Survival. Turtle takes a high touch and can follow up to beat remkoe. Turbo takes a touch to his teammate who can clear it to the blue end. A shot from Deevo goes wide and a counter shot from Sizz goes wide as well. An open net shot from Turtle but a quick turnaround from Deevo can save it. Remkoe can take a touch from the middle and place it to the left of the goal, and Send Rogue home!


After a really good 3 games of Rocket League, the #2 NA Seed leaves the LAN, but with their heads held high, as they put on some very entertaining Rocket League.

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