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RLC Pro League Week 5 Recap

5 years ago by CjLink in Esports

Spectral (0) v (5) myXMG

XMG coming out guns blazing! I expected them to take this series, but not in such a convincing fashion. The clean sweep with a couple of extremely decisive games. Don’t get me wrong, Spectral played very well and took it to myXMG, even forcing a nail biter of an overtime in game 5, but they couldn’t hold off XMG’s scoring prowess. Looks like XMG may shore up the final spot in the playoffs now. MVP al0t with the tieing goal in regulation and game winner in OT game 5.

SK Gaming (3) v (2) Noble eSports

SK Gaming back in form, taking what I thought would be a sure win for the Noble boys. The early games were very much the Japanese vs German cars, with Skyline and X3MW putting in the majority of their respective team’s goals. Vogan showed up clutch with 2 OT winners to give Noble their only 2 wins of the series, had they gotten another game win he would be the easy choice for MVP. The honors do go over to X3MW with 8 of his team’s 11 goals including a FANTASTIC 1 second goal to secure game 5.

FlipSid3 Tactics (2) v (3) Supersonic Avengers

Some lag issues for M1k3rules and a generally off form F3 showed up to play today, and Supersonic Avengers were ready to take full advantage of it. My upset of the week, and a possible reason to put them #1 in power rankings, this series showed us why SA has been climibing the rankings so quickly in the recent weeks. Every time Flipsid3 would score, Supersonic Avengers would go on the offensive quickly. Markydooda managed to salvage the series for F3 with a game winner in the 5th, but wasn’t as impressive today as Maestro’s quick response goals, winning my MVP.

Apollo 11 (2) v (3) Orange Creamsicle

Full strength Orange Creamsicle is something we have seen rarely in the RLCPL, and they really are a force to be reckoned with. Apollo 11 coming off a very strong win last week and continuing to play with their new roster, replacing Flow with PrimeThunder, was unable to fight the momentum that OC gained in game 1. Some extremely impressive goals from PrimeThunder in game 2 showed us what they were capable of, but in the end Gambit proved to us why he is one of the best players that NA has to offer. He’s my choice for MVP, though Edwind’s performace was a very close second.

Mockit eSports (1) v (4) Untethered

Mock-it has now had 3 matches resulting in a 1-4 defeat, but I want to point out that they looked considerably more composed this week. The previous episodes of tilt that plagued them seem to have dissipated and this week they instead looked like they had simply not warmed up. The series started so incredibly heavy in Untethered’s favor, who were likely fighting to prove that last week’s 1-4 loss of their own was a fluke, but slowly gained momentum in Mock-it’s favor. Lachinio has a knack for putting away late goals on wasteland, this time an OT winner on game 3, and along with a slew of other goals and strong defensive performance he takes home my MVP of the week for this series.

iBUYPOWER Cosmic (3) v (2) Kings of Urban

The fight for first place in NA. Gibbs on vacation, and Amoney filling in for him, iBP looked a bit lost in the first game. There were chants in the chat that this was the end for Cosmic, but as we all know nothing truthful ever comes from twitch chat. Game 2 had us recalling all of the epic plays we’ve seen Sad and Kro pull off together, but the third game was a tense defensive battle with a single goal from Fireburger being enough for the win. The real madness came with game 5 in another extremely strong defensive game and a sole goal from Kro being decisive. The goal was clean, but what really won this game for iBP, and ultimately the series, was the heads up defensive play. The last minutes of the game were filled with madness in front of the iBP net, but the whiffs from KoU and the packed in defense was just barely enough. For managing to fill the shoes of Gibbs on the still reigning best team in NA, as well as some excellent defense, Amoney is taking his first MVP from his very first showing the RLCPL.

Another week, another 5 hours of heart pounding Rocket League action. The hype is still flowing through me, and I just don’t think the Super Bowl is going to satiate me. I’ll have to wait until next week for another set of 6 matches with the best teams in Rocket League. Same place, same time; www.twitch.tv/rocketleaguecentral at 1:00PM EST / 6:00PM GMT 

- CjLink, Analyst and Ambassador for RLC


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