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RLC Pro League Week 3 Recap

5 years ago by CjLink in Esports

Spectral (1) v (4) Supersonic Avengers

Supersonic Avengers took one more game in this series than I had predicted and are showing true to their recent form. They did lose on Wasteland which was Spectral's map pick. Maybe Spectral would have had a little better showing had they played some more games on Wasteland the series score would have changed, but they do have to play on varied maps. It was a hard decision but I'm giving my MVP to Maestro.

myXMG (3) v (2) Noble eSports

So many close games in this series, but myXMG managed to pull out the wins in multiple overtimes to win the series. Noble showed very strong but couldn't get the clutch goals that they needed to ultimately win the games. Both of Noble's wins came in overtimes after comebacks from myXMG. If myXMG can get their early games together I really think they'll be moving up in the power rankings and the standings next week. MVP to SniperKid138 for the overtime game 5 winner.

FlipSid3 Tactics (4) v (1) Crown & Jewels

I called this at 4-1 in F3's favor, but I didn't expect the unrelenting dominance by F3 in those 4 wins. The amount of pressure they applied to the C&J side of the field was impressive. By far one of the most exciting series of the day with amazing goals from both side. The win by C&J looked like it could turn the momentum around but it did nothing but make the fire burn hotter under F3. M1k3rules takes MVP for me.

iBUYPOWER Cosmic (5) v (0) SnK Apollo

Not a particularly surprising end result, nor the games. SnK (soon to be just Apollo) had 3 close games and a couple that got away from them. When they did play at top form they looked like they would take a game or two of iBP but iBP's top form absolutely destroyed them. I would watch Apollo to come back with a vengence next week and iBP to continue looking for their first real challenge. With 11 of his team's goals I'm giving Sadjunior the MVP of this series.

NOT (2) v (3) Failure To Launch

My prediction proved wrong, and most predictions I saw for this series. FtL lifts off and takes their first game win, their second and third, and their first series win of the Pro League. Their form from most of their previous games finally gave them some wins. NoT played very similar to their past 2 weeks of play. Some of their play was on point, but there were still many times they gave up opportunities that, after game 2, were capitalized on by FtL. Genocop wins my MVP of this series.

Orange Creamsicle (0) v (5) Kings of Urban

I was quite surprised by this result. I did expect KoU to win the series, but to sweep OC wasn't even in my mind. Edwind did return to OC but, to me, he did look a bit rusty. Maybe it will take some time for him to get back into form. Kings of Urban looked practiced and on point, not missing the easy goals and getting the hard shots in. Very hard as all the players on KoU contributed greatly to the series win, but Jacob gets my MVP due to the OT game winner in game 4.

So many unexpected results and showings by the teams this week! KoU are on target to challenge iBP for the top NA spot. Flipsid3 have regained their position as the undisputed top team from EU. Failure to Launch has finally succeeded. Stop byn ext Sunday at 1PM EST 6PM GMT at www.twitch.tv/rocketleaguecentral to watch more amazing Rocket League action!


- CjLink, Analyst and Ambassador for RLC

If you would like to see more from me check out my analysis streams www.twitch.tv/cjlink , my youtube videoswww.youtube.com/cjsmurph , or my twitter www.twitter.com/cjsmurph


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