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RLC Pro League Final

2 years ago by QuestFerret in Esports

How do I put this into words? This contains massive spoilers, so if you don't want to know that Dumbledore dies, stop reading here.

The climax of the Rocket League Central Pro League was always going to be momentous, regardless of the score, but Crown & Jewels and FlipSid3 Tactics took it to a completely and utterly different level last night.

Going in to the final both teams were looking strong, but neither had an easy path there. Crown & Jewels eliminated Failure to Launch in the first game of the day fairly easily, but iBUYPOWER Cosmic pushed them all the way to a game seven in the semis in one of the closest games we've seen in a long time. FlipSid3 had a similarly tough road with them having to make their way past both Untethered and Kings of Urban, but in their case both matches went to seven games, and both really could have gone either way.

The final was incredibly close throughout, although FlipSid3 looked to have the edge early on. They took the first two games, and with a commanding 7-3 win in the fourth it looked like they had momentum going firmly in their favour. Crown and Jewels snuck game 5 with a 3-2 victory, then FlipSid3 came back to win the sixth, bringing the scoreline to 4-2 and leaving them just one game away from winning the Pro League title.

Now, we promise this wasn't scripted, but Crown & Jewels went on to win the next two games which resulted in the final going all the way to a ninth game, with the winning team set to receive around about $3000 of the $5k. Out of the gate FlipSid3 looked like they were on course for victory and took a two goal lead, but Crown and Jewels were far from done.

With 51 seconds left on the clock, Killerno7 scored a beautiful aerial goal to get C&J within striking distance, but FlipSid3 were still looking the better team for most of the final minute. Several times they came within inches of scoring a third goal to put the game to bed, but that pressure left them vulnerable. With Kuxir up for a shot and Mike and Marky both retreating, Killer collected the ball and hit a short ball to Sikii. Demonstrating incredible vision and team play, Sikii then played a laser accurate pass across the pitch to Paschy, who rammed home a shot to tie the game at 2-2 with just two seconds left.

Overtime followed. Nine weeks of hard work, all culminating in a next goal wins situation. Needless to say, it was pretty 'hype' as I'm told the kids say.

FlipSid3 and C&J traded several blows, but it wasn't long before one team found a breakthrough. Sikii chased a high ball and got a solid hit towards F3's goal. Paschy touched it on, then Sikii smashed the rebound from the backboard into F3's goal, driving a stake into the heart of FlipSid3's dreams and winning what is almost certainly the most exhilarating game of Rocket League we've ever seen.

Congratulations to Crown & Jewels on winning the Rocket League Central Pro League. They played incredibly throughout and helped to make it the brilliant competition it was. Commiserations to FlipSid3, you came so, so close, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such an amazing spectacle.

We'd like to say a huge, huge thank you to all of the teams who participated in the Pro League, to everybody who watched, to everybody who donated, to all of the fantastic casters who covered the proceedings, to everybody behind the scenes, and of course to Psyonix for giving us such an incredible game.

Watch the two final goals below, or you can see all of the VOD's over on the Rocket League Central Twitch Channel if you want to watch all of the playoffs


2 years ago
I watched this live. Mad inspirational as a fan who wanted C&J to come back and they did in dramatic fashion. Well done to the players and well-put together by the organizational staff. Coming to you live from Dallas.
2 years ago
Amazing game, amazing plays. What can I say? This was one of the most entertaining games of Rocket League I've ever watched. I'm pretty disappointed that F3 didn't win although, they put up a great fight. GG.
2 years ago
Seriously these were by far the most intense games I've ever seen. I literally threw my headphones through the room at that last goal. I'm so glad that this whole series worked so well. Rocket League is going to get huge in the esports scene, this was just the beginning. I really want to say thank you to the organisators out there, especially to the casters who are making this really enjoyable to watch. Have a nice day y'all :) Greetings from Germany
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