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Player Spotlight: Prem

10 months ago by Dazerin in Esports

Whew. Hey all Dazerin here with another Player Spotlight. Got a chance to interview Prem from 'Premature Superhero Cops' one of the teams competing in the Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS). They came into the play in as the 24th seed and battled their way into the RLRS even performing and upset on 'Out of Style' who was seeded at #9th going into play in.



How did you come up with your name?

My initial name was ylpremier99 and it came from my old soccer team, yorba linda premier with my number being 99. From there it went through a few other iterations until i finally just shortened it to what it is now.


How did you get into rocket league?

I, like most others, first saw rocket league when the twitch streamer, Summit1g, played Kronovi’s beta montage. Once I saw that video, I knew the game would be fun so I decided to get it soon after that.


What's your competitive background?

I am a fairly competitive person and have played competitively in just about every video game I have played. It started in League of Legends until I eventually moved onto Call of Duty, and finally Counter-Strike. I was pretty good at all of these games however none interested me enough the way Rocket League did and still does to this day.


Where were you last season? If you were a sub, what was that like?

Last season, I was on Lucky Bounce with Timbathy and Squill. We did not do as well as we had hoped so season 3 became sort of a disappointment to me which made qualifying for this season all the better.

What’s the toughest challenge in your competitive Rocket League career that you had to overcome and how did you do it?

I think the toughest challenge for me was actually breaking into the pro scene as a player. I had been friends with some of the pros for a while, but had never been quite good enough to make it there myself.


When and how was Premature Superhero Cops (PSC) formed?

PSC formed about 2 weeks before the sign up deadline. I had noticed that Gambit was starting to play much more often so I asked if he was planning on getting back into competitive. When he said yes, I soon started to look for a possible 3rd and realized Geno didn’t yet have a team.


How have you and PSC prepared for RLCS / RLRS?

Unfortunately we did not prepare as much as we may have liked. When the team first formed, we were able to scrim Mock-It while they were bootcamping in NA to prepare for DH ATL. After that we only played a few tournaments, 2 of which we won.

You guys sent Out of Style to losers bracket in the RLCS Play-in. Thoughts going into that game and thoughts on how you played and the overall outcome.

Going into the game I was very nervous because we hadn’t had much practice going into the RLCS qualifiers, let alone against a difficult opponent such as Out of Style. Once we started playing I realized that we were playing very well and could definitely beat them if we kept playing our best. Although the overall series score doesn’t say it, the games vs Out of Style were extremely close and they were definitely a very difficult team to play.

What was the most shocking thing that happened in this years Play-In that you just didn't expect?

I think the big shocks of this qualifier were Hollywood Hammers and Splyce not qualifying. Both teams were seeded very high and were expected to make RLCS and RLRS respectively.


What are your thoughts on the Rocket League Rival Series?

I think the Rival Series was a great addition and will prove to be very beneficial for orgs to invest into the Esport with confidence that their team will stay in the league.


Are there any teams you’d be on the lookout for in the RLRS?

I think the big teams to look out for are going to be Fibeon and Set to Destroy X.


Biggest thing to improve on this season?

I think the biggest thing we need to improve on is maintaining our rotations.


What’s something you like to do outside of Rocket League?

I have recently picked up photography and absolutely love it. When I’m not playing Rocket League, I usually go to the beach to take pictures or surf.


Describe your experience with the Rocket League community.

My experience with the Rocket League community has been nothing but amazing. I have had the opportunity to go to all 3 RLCS LAN’s as well as FaceIt Finals, TwitchCon and PAX South. I am never disappointed by the people and players I get to meet and hang out with and I look forward to each event I go to.


Where do you see the future of competitive rocket league going and if you could add or change anything what would it be?

I see the future of competitive Rocket League continuing to grow as an Esport from both the tier of orgs joining the scene and level of play that is constantly advancing. The only thing I could really ask for as a player would be more LAN events, as that would allow us to hang out with other players and fans more than we normally can!


Big thanks to Prem for taking the time to do this! Might see a bit less of these as the RLCS/RLRS season gets started TOMORROW with the RLRS broadcast kicking things off. For more info be sure to check out rlcs.gg


10 months ago
Nice one, good luck prem, I'm rooting for your team in the RLRS
10 months ago
White chaks maybe
10 months ago
Nice one, good luck prem, I'm rooting for your team in the RLRS
10 months ago
What are those wheels?
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