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Item Alerts & RL Garage Premium

14 days ago by QuestFerret in Site News

Starting today RL Garage is proud to introduce two brand new features to the website and app. The first is one that a lot of you have been asking about for a long time now - item alerts!

Looking for one of those rare and elusive items but don’t want to constantly check the market, maybe a purple Reaper goal explosion? RL Garage item alerts will let you know as soon as one is available. Alerts can be enabled for both trades and the item shop, and can be configured via the new “My Alerts” option on the website and “Item Alerts” profile option on the app.

This is very much a beta feature at the moment, so to begin with only one item alert can be configured on regular accounts, but this may be increased once there’s a better understanding of the impact of alerts on infrastructure. However, if you want more alerts right away, you may be interested in the next new feature, RL Garage Premium!

Some of you may have predicted this was coming. It’s been in the works for longer than I think everybody involved would care to admit, but starting today, additional paid features have been added to RL Garage. 

The original free features aren’t going anywhere - they’ll continue to be free and nothing is being removed. Everything you could do on RL Garage until now can still be done for free! However, if you want a little bit more from RL Garage, then perhaps the Plus, Professional, or Ultimate plans launching today might be for you. Each of the plans is aimed at different types of RL Garage users.

Plus is aimed at those who use RL Garage casually, who maybe want a few extra perks, but more importantly don’t want to see adverts. Professional is aimed at power trades who need additional features and increased trade listings, whilst Ultimate is aimed at the most active power traders who want more of everything. Perhaps there’s a super-secret Titanium plan, too, but you’ll have to ask for that one

Below are some of the highlights of RL Garage Premium plans.

Increased Item Alerts

All Premium plans will receive an increased number of item alerts right away. Plus tier members will be able to set up three, Professional members 25, and a huge 50 for Ultimate members. Again, this should be treated as a beta feature, so there may be some initial teething issues once they’re rolled out to everybody - those kinks will be ironed as soon as possible.

Advert Free

Any RL Garage Premium subscribers, regardless of the plan picked, will get to use RL Garage completely advert free. RL Garage is almost entirely funded by advertising, but this plan offers an alternative for those who don’t want to see them. You’ll also be helping to make RL Garage’s development more sustainable!

Increased Trade Limits

One of the biggest requests from power traders is the ability to list more than 15 trades, and RL Garage Premium allows just that! 

The Plus plan will allow up to 18 trades to be listed, 25 trades for Professional members, and a huge 50 for Ultimate subscribers! These numbers are subject to change depending on how they impact the overall balance of trade listings.

Some of you may have noticed that long-standing Patreon donors have up to 50 trades listed on their accounts recently – these users have been testing out the beta version of Premium for a few months now. Everybody on the team would like to put a huge thank you on record to them for helping to fix some of the problems that have come up over that time. You’ve been absolutely vital in helping get Premium ready for release!

Auto Bumping and Bump All

The bump all button is cool and everything… but what if somebody could press that button for you? Well, Ultimate members are in luck. On up to fifteen trades you can enable auto bumping, which will automatically refresh those trades for as long as it’s turned on. 

Both Professional and Ultimate members also have a brand new “Bump All” button. Pressing this will bump all eligible trades up to the top of the list. No more manual bumping of every single trade for you!

A bit more information about the autobump feature to curb some worries from users that it would seem unfair to our free users. Autobump requires you to be active and automatically turns itself off after a while, so somebody will not be able to turn auto bump on and leave RLG for hours/days and their trades continue bumping. Autobump is also only available for 15 out of 50 trades to Ultimate users.

Last but not least, autobumping works like it would be done by a human. We spread the bumping of the trades out over a period of time, like a human pressing the bump button would. First trade is set to age 1 sec, second trade is set to age 4 sec, third trade is set to age 8 sec, and so on. That way free users have the same chances to end up on the front page (even better chances since the difference between autobumped trades is quite large, so you can be faster by manually bumping than with the autobumper) as Ultimate users.

We did a lot of finetuning to autobumping to make sure it doesn't bring any advantage over free users other than letting someone else do the work for you in return for money.

Badges and highlights

Also new with Premium are profile badges. These have been introduced to make Premium subscribers stand out from the crowd, and they’re pretty eye-catching! Each tier has a different badge, with colours inspired by the tier it represents.

Along with this, Premium member’s trades will be highlighted in their relevant tier colour, so those listings will stand out more in a trade search

Profile Customisation

One of the most visited page types on RL Garage are user profiles, so it’s about time that they got the love they deserved. With the Premium update to the site, Professional and Ultimate users will be able to add custom text to their profiles to welcome other users to their page and explain how they want to do business.

Ultimate users can go not one, but two steps further, too. An option to upload a custom header image to your profile has been added, as has support for animated GIF avatars! With this you’ll really be able to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

Auto Reply

Auto reply has been around on and off for a while now, but it’s finally going to be easy to access! Members of the Professional and Ultimate plans will be able to enable this feature and set the text in their account settings. When enabled, your chosen message will automatically be sent to anybody who starts a conversation with you - use it to set out your trading policies, rules, whatever you like!

Trade Vault

A brand new feature, exclusive for Premium members, is the Trade Vault. You can use the vault to create trades but not put them live just yet - either using them as templates, or just to save you the time of recreating trades you make frequently. Your vault limit varies based on your tier, from 3 for Plus members, all the way up to 50 for Ultimate members.

Painted Item Prices

Thanks to our partnership with RL Insider, Professional and Ultimate users will be able to see painted item prices right on RL Garage, in the same way that regular item prices have been listed on our item listings for some time. This should help you to understand at a glance how good a deal you’re getting, right there on the page.

And more!

Want to chat with fellow Premium members about all things trading (or not trading)? Get exclusive Discord roles to make you stand out from the crowd. Some plans allow you access to exclusive channels, too, plus more frequent username changes, more bookmarks, and more. The Premium perks will continue to evolve over time too, so 

If you want to find out exactly what’s in each plan, and pricing for your region, then please check out the new Premium option on the "Profile" tab of the app, or press the big "Get Premium" button at the top of the page on the website. This features a comparison of the three plans (and the free tier) so you should be able to get an idea as to which plan is for you. 

As a final note, the basic membership of RL Garage is and always will be free. Premium is just a way to give power users what they want, whilst also helping to sustain RL Garage’s significant development and maintenance costs. No free features have been removed as part of this update, and most new features will continue to be released to non-Premium members of the site.

Just remember, the more people that sign up, the less times the creator code RLGARAGE will be mentioned! #EpicPartner ;P 

Update October 8, 2021: We added a little explanation about autobumping on how it affects free users. You can read about it here.




4 hours ago
how to be in Giveeaways ?


2 days ago
Bite hhhhhhhhh


4 days ago
So when is the “wishlist” option going to be coded in? It’s the 2nd highest requested thing.


4 days ago
100th comment 🤹🏻🔫🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏


5 days ago
Chicken nuggets am I right chat


6 days ago
You deserve some revenue for running this website, that's for sure. This is hands down the best trading center for rocket league.
However, forcing us to click on a shameful message that reads "I choose not to support this website" every thirty minutes is fudging disgraceful, I'm sorry. I make sure to always enter the rlgarage creator code on the store each time I make a purchase, so I am supporting you guys in some capacity. And even if I were not, that pop-up is a detriment to the user experience you've been trying to enhance through all your recent updates and revamps.
Please, think it over.


6 days ago
Where’s the batmobile


6 days ago
Guys guys im a potato


6 days ago
Can you guys do the delorean time machine for 400 Credits in the item shop please???😭😓🥺


6 days ago
Batmobiles : 2000 cr for a lot of 3 cars
800 cr for individual


6 days ago
BATMOBILE today bros !!!!


7 days ago
Batmobile is coming back!! With 3 batman goal explosion


7 days ago
Lol anyway any ps4 Player who would give me a dingo for draco wheels and other stuff im poor


7 days ago
I sell Octane red for 1400cr


7 days ago
Not only will I not pay a subscription model for a trade app I’m going to stop supporting on rocket league creator code, bloody rude


8 days ago
What's with the giant red scam warning about links, when u don't send a link in the first place?


8 days ago
Finally painted prices!


8 days ago
h tidel stream w 600 c
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