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Holiday Wheel 2021

2 months ago by QuestFerret in Site News

Ho ho hello! Somehow it’s already December, Santa is preparing his covid-safe present deliveries, and everybody's starting to get into the spirit of the holidays. The decorations are going up, Christmas boosts have been equipped, and RLG is in the spirit of giving.

After November was RLG’s largest month of giveaways yet, a few discussions took place about how to make things bigger and better for the holidays. After lots of talking, days of coding and tens of thousands of credits, the RLG Holiday Wheel was born! Who doesn’t like random chance?

Each day, RLG users will be able to spin the Holiday Wheel for a chance at winning some truly incredible items. There’s a selection of some of the best and most coveted Rocket League items on offer, including Titanium White Octanes, Titanium White Dominus, Dueling Dragons, and more!

You may also notice the Mystery Bundle entry on the Holiday Wheel, too. These are, let’s say… quirkier bundles that will be kept under wraps for just a little bit longer. They might be valuable, they might be a giant troll, who knows! The contents of those will be revealed throughout December, some of which will be announced on the RLG YouTube channel, which you should totally subscribe to, by the way.

Although the odds of winning the big-ticket items are small, there’s a lot more to win besides, including credits, free spins, and free or discounted subscriptions to RLG Premium! Try your luck once per day, and you never know, you might just walk away with an incredible Holiday gift this December.

The Holiday Wheel opens today, 4th December, and will run all the way through until 1pm CET on December 25th (hey, that's Christmas!). You’ll be able to spin the wheel again 24 hours after your last spin (unless you land on some of those cheeky free spin prizes), so make the most of that time and check back often to get the most chances to win!

For the sake of transparency, while the wheel sections for the big prizes are large, the chance to win these items is still small. The wheel is purely for visual effect, the RLG servers roll the virtual dice to determine if you win a prize or not.

If you want to help RLG fund future giveaways like this, please consider using the creator code RLGARAGE if you buy anything on the in-game item shop. As an Epic Partner, RLG will receive a small kickback from any purchases that you make using it at absolutely no cost to you!

I wish you the very best of luck with the Holiday Wheel, make sure you log in once a day to try your luck, and thank you for using RL Garage this year!


Holiday season, spin the wheel, win prizes! Spin the RL Garage Holiday Wheel and maybe subscribe on YouTube.


After six hours, nine people have won items based prizes. These include 1x 5000 credits, 1x Mystery Bundle and 1x Dueling Dragons! As much as it would be lovely to be able to give everybody free items, the odds of actually winning are low, obviously. It is, however, possible, so make sure you use your daily spin! Many free/discounted RLG Premium codes have also been won.

Update 2

40 hours in and the response to the RLG Holiday Wheel has been incredible! Prizes won so far include a TW Dominus, 2x 5,000 credits, 4x One Year RLG Premium subscriptions, 4x Dueling Dragons, 6x 1,000 credits, 2x Mystery Bundles, 27 x 100 credits, and more. As a result it's taking a while to get prizes delivered, but you will be contacted shortly.

As previously stated, the wheel is purely for visual effect. You will most likely land on no prize, but it's worth a spin to try your luck! Please note the rules that you may only use one account per person to spin. People suspected of using multiple accounts will not be awarded prizes as per the rules.


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