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G2 Chicago rolls everyone while Turbopolsa and Ayyjayy fail to produce

9 months ago by theevilisback in Fantasy RLCS

With an amazing performance against Birds and the Beez, Chicago has earned the top spot in RLGF by an impressive 143 points over the next closest player, Aztral. With his 2 goals, 1.5 assists, 2 saves, and 4 shots per game, he was worth a massive 997 points per game and became the cornerstone of everyone’s roster who picked him. Even as a defender, you would’ve netted 947 points there, or 934 in a midfielder spot. With NRG up next, he is poised to put up very similar numbers in what has the chance of becoming a very high fantasy scoring series in week two.


Sitting comfortably in second behind Chicago was Aztral of Dignitas. With 2.6 saves per game against Veloce Esports (2nd only to Chausette’s 3.2), Aztral became your number one defender behind Chicago and just ahead of Alpha54. Slotting him in that spot would’ve netted you 859 points, 854 in an attacking spot, or 814 if he was one of your midfielders. Dignitas has Complexity coming up in week two, this can also turn into a high scoring matchup for most of Dignitas.


With G2’s Rizzo being the choice of almost 3500 lineups, he didn’t fail to produce and be one of the best lower salary pickups of week one. Only costing 1425 salary, he became the 4th best points per salary player at a .425, or 636 points. Being worth an extra 32 points as an attacker, he was a top 15 player in any position and should continue producing at that level throughout.


On the flipside, we have Turbopolsa and Ayyjayy who were both in the bottom 5 points scored. At a 1750, NRG’s Turbopolsa produced only 2 goals, 3 saves, and 7 shots total for a dismal 298 points and only .170 points per salary point. Even lower, but at only 1500 salary, was Ayyjayy of Rogue who averaged only 265 points, and only 1 goal and save in their 3-0 loss to Pittsburgh Knights. With NRG playing both Birds and the Beez and G2 next week, and Rogue slated to play Ghost Gaming in week two, I would be hesitant to put either play in a roster next week, as there are plenty of players who should be able to put up significantly higher stats for similar salaries.


With Sulvor putting together the top team of week one with a total score of 4372, there wasn’t much improvement that could’ve been done to that team. The maximum points scored that I could come across (and still save salary for swaps this week) would’ve been the following:



Chicago – 1750 Salary, 997 points

Lerky – 1600 Salary, 712 points



renaN – 1650 Salary, 699 points

Rizzo – 1400 Salary, 636 points



Aztral – 1750 Salary, 859 points

Alpha54 – 1625 Salary, 768 points


Total points: 4571 points, 200 remaining salary.


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9 months ago
Great read! I hit on Alpha and Chicago but I feel I need to replace Flakes and Speed. Any suggestions? Flakes is 1700$ Speed 1575$
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