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Esports | NA Power Rankings | Weeks of 8/7 - 8/31

10 months ago by Jasher in Power Rankings


Power Ranking Methodology 

These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few weeks. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.


Power Ranking Results Consideration Standards Matches between official teams are considered. Teams are considered official if they have announced their roster status or have reached out to a ranker with their roster. Matches involving an unconfirmed roster or pick-up teams are not considered. Matches involving a team using a confirmed sub are used but weighted to the individual ranker’s discretion. Tournament placement does not factor into rankings, only matches played against other official rosters. Teams without any results during the ranking period will not be considered, regardless of previous placements. Tournament organizers must provide game for game results for any matches from the tournament to be considered. No results from a tournament will be considered if the tournament organizer has a paid sponsorship of a team within the same region.  Power Ranking Committee

 Badgey - RLC Ambassador / Wannabe Caster / A Lovely Badger

 Jasher - Doer of Things for RLXL and Notorious Wookie Lover

 Sub’N - Reputable player and polite contraction.

 Slokh - Administrator for RL Esports Wikis and stats lover extraordinaire

 Stump - Manager/Administrator for Nexus Gaming and watcher of Professional Wrestling

 Strangest Stranger - Manager/Administrator for Pro Rivalry League



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Results: 8/7-8/31



FlyQuest picks up eQuinox



#1 Cloud9: Torment / SquishyMuffinz / Gimmick / Napp* | ^(--)

Cloud9 has been the hottest team in North America for the past two months, surpassing NRG as the top team in the North American Community Power Rankings. Any result less than a RLCS League Play spot will be a dissapointment. - Jasher

#2 NRG: Fireburner / Jacob / GarrettG / DudeWithTheNose* | ^(--)

Since they are already qualified for RLCS, NRG has been playing the waiting game. They will be looking to reclaim the #1 spot in NA again once league play begins. - Jasher

#3 G2: Kronovi / Rizzo / JKnaps / Turtle* | ^(--)

G2 can be inconsistent, but on their best day they can compete with the top teams in the world. Expect JKnaps to factor in heavily into G2's qualification for RLCS. - Jasher 

#4 FlyQuest: CorruptedG / Sadjunior / Chrome / Pepiope* | ^(+1)

Haven't really seen much of FlyQuest in tournament, but when they show up they seem to get the W even vs teams their level. - Sub'N

#T5 Ghost: Lethamyr / Klassux / Zanejackey | ^(+1)

Ghost is a powerhouse combination of RLCS caliber players- with limited results as a new team. The community is waiting with bated breath to see if this team rises to the challenge or falls to haunt the RLRS. - Strangest

#T5 Fibeon: Chicago / Hato / zolhay / Raze* | ^(+2)

Since the last RLCS ended, Applesauce / Fibeon have defeated several of the top teams in North America. However, to be considered one of the elite in your region, you have to be consistent, something which Fibeon has struggled with against bubble teams. - Jasher

#7 Renegades: Dappur / Timi / Moses / Mijo* | ^(New)

The Renegades squad has been a bit below par when compared to their achievements while still under the Selfless banner. While they are still beating lower teams, they are struggling to break into the upper echelon of NA, with a losing record against Fibeon in particular preventing them from moving higher. It'll be interesting where the #6 seed of the Play-In ends up after today. - Stump 

#8 Hollywood Hammers: Vince / DarkFire / Espeon / Satthew* | ^(-4)

Hollywood Hammers have undergone some changes that have resulted in this RLCS-worthy squad, with most recently moving Espeon to starting roster. With a winning record against Out of Style and Wildcard, and with a close series against G2 Esports to boot, this #7th-seeded roster will be among those who will put up a serious fight to make it into RLCS. Keep an eye on their matches as they have the potential to ruin another top team's day in both the upper and lower brackets. - Stump 

#T9 SetToDestroyX: Lemonpuppy / Memory / Halcyon / Loomin* | ^(-1)

One of the longest lasting rosters in NA, Set gives us a first hand look at whether or not sticking together and grinding as a team pays off. I'm confident we'll see these guys make something happen once again in the playins. - Sub'N

#T9 Out of Style: Lachinio / EPICJonny / jstn | ^(New)

Another team that finds themselves in the mad scramble for the last few RLCS spots, Out of Style have proven themselves as a serious force in North America since forming less than a month ago. Out of Style may yet prove themselves against the best, as possible matches against SetToDestroyX and Lachinio's former teammates Cloud9 await them in the Upper Bracket. Don't be surprised if this group finds themselves in RLCS after Saturday, but it matters on the performance that Lachinio can bring tomorrow to compliment his explosive teammates. - Stump

#11 Rogue: Matt / Sizz / Insolences / Red* | ^(-1)

Without dropping (or playing) a single game, Rogue has made it to the group stage! Even with a new player, incredible! - Sub'N

#12 Splyce: Karma / Pluto / HotWheelsSid / Jayyyrah* | ^(New)

Splyce is a tremendously talented team, that will be truly tested in this exceptionally talented pool of Play-In teams. Karma and company will have to dig deep to find there way in either league. - Strangest

#13 Wildcard: Laz / Nomad / Pepper / Astroh. | ^(New)

Quitely racking up wins in weeklies, Wildcard definitely has the experience and practice needed to make an upset happen. Definitely one of the teams to look out for in the brackets. - Sub'N

#14 Emotion: TyNotTyler / Allushin / Sea-bass | ^(New)

Emotion have firmly established themselves as a team that is worthy of making RLRS, as they have winning records against teams below them, such as New Horizon and Ascension, but have been unable to get that elusive win over teams ranked above them. If all goes to plan, you'll be able to watch this team of competent solo duelists tear it up every Friday for the next 5 weeks. - Stump

#15 Ambition eSports: PrimeThunder / Wonder / Air / Squillis* | ^(-6)

Ambition eSports was making waves throughout the summer, getting big wins and staying competitive with many RLCS-bound teams. Since a small roster shuffle, some questions linger- "is this Ambition team quite ready to hang with the best of NA?" - Strangest

#T16 Eanix: Sham / smgschwind / Pyre / Brizzy* | ^(New)

Similar to Ambition, Sham and smgschwind are a solid pair that are the driving force of their 3s team. Both of them will need to be at the top of their game for Eanix to qualify. - Jasher

#T16 Lights Out!: Kevpert / Aeon / Stev / Toe* | ^(New)

Lights Out! have the ability to knock out top teams, having recently beaten Fibeon and Out of Style. However, they also have a trend of being defeated by teams outside the top 16 (The D00ds, Future, Pity Party). Which version of Lights Out! will show up this weekend? - Jasher


Honorable Mentions

These are teams that were ranked by any number of rankers but did not fall within the top 16.

Ascension: Bell / Dareyck / Jet / *Skaxy

Teams To Watch

Jasher - Lights Out! Strangest - Wildcard Stump - The D00ds Sub’N - Out of Style 

Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 16! 

TEAMJASHERSTRANGESTSUB'NSTUMPAVGRANK Cloud9 1 1 1 1 1.00 1 NRG 2 2 2 2 2.00 2 G2 Esports 3 3 3 3 3.00 3 eQuinox 4 4 4 4 4.00 4 Ghost 7 5 6 6 6.00 5 Fibeon 8 6 5 5 6.00 5 Renegades 5 7 7 7 6.50 7 Hollywood Hammers 6 8 8 8 7.50 8 SetToDestroyX 11 10 9 10 10.00 9 Out of Style 9 12 10 9 10.00 9 Rogue 10 9 11 11 10.25 11 Splyce 12 13 12 12 12.25 12 Wildcard 13 11 13 13 12.50 13 Emotion 14 15 14 15 14.50 14 Ambition eSports 16 14 15 14 14.75 15 Eanix 15   17 17 16.33 16 Lights Out! 17   16 16 16.33 16



10 months ago
I like the commentary and insights of where each team sits. This list looks about what I had imagined.
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