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Esports | EU Power Rankings | Weeks of 7/31 - 8/13

10 months ago by Jasher in Power Rankings

All previous Power Rankings can be found here: [Check our profile page!]


Power Ranking Methodology 

These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few weeks. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.


Power Ranking Committee 

MrLittleThor - eSports enthusiast and ardent observer of the EU competitive scene. Also head of EU Power Rankings Committee.

WrongWayWoody - SARPBC Veteran, Known fake master, and community member. Has vast knowledge on the EU scene.

TWildman - Active Rocket League eSports viewer and analyst.

Radioo - Player for Unspecified and long-time player. Will be departing the Committee and we will be likely looking for a replacement.

Tylacto - EU scene enthusiast.



#1 Gale Force eSports: ViolentPanda / Kaydop / Turbopolsa / Dogu* | ^--

GFE once again maintains the top spot in the rankings and do not seem too likely to lose it anytime soon. They had a worrying defeat to Meeh (now Frontline) over this two week period, and played EnVyUs in three bo7s for PRL Rivalry Week, losing 4-3, winning the next series 4-3, then losing the last 4-2. Gale also qualified to the last 128 play-in on Sunday, and their main focus will now be preparing for the last 128 play-in and getting into RLCS. -Woody

#2 Method: Metsanauris / Mognus / al0t / Sniper | ^--

Method hold onto their #2 Spot although it might not be theirs for much longer. Their only results came from 2 GFinity tournaments and one elite series match.

Among their normal, near daily, GFinity results were wins against Aeriality, Toddlers (Flarke, Pwndx, Yukeo), Cow Nose (Niels, Zensuz, Killerno7), and Endpoint with a loss to Mock-it (Paschy, FreaKii, and Bluey). Their only other result was a GFin Elite Series win over exceL (Niels, Zensuz, Lunation).

A few teams are breathing down their throats for this second place spot and as I mentioned it probably won't be long until they lose it. -MrLittleThor 

#3 Mock-it eSports: Paschy / Fairy Peak / FreaKii / PetricK* | ^Up 1

Continued solid form sees them move up another spot, now into 3rd. They played various Gfinitys over the past couple weeks, and yet I'm not sure if at any point they actually played with their main roster other than on this most recent Friday. Regardless their only disappointing result was a 2-3 loss to Frontline when Killerno7 was subbing for Fairy Peak, not to mention these past two weeks being an impressive honeymoon-esk time for Frontline anyway. With Bluey filling in for Fairy they swept Method, although at the time Method were playing at an internet cafe so it's all been a bit nutty. And then with their RLCS substitute PetricK filling in for FreaKii they had a good Gfinity, winning a close finals against a squad of Sebadam Bluey and FlamE. In this past Friday Gfin however, Mockit really put up a good performance, sweeping ABC, Circa eSports (fka. cool cids/Smalltown Girls), and Frontline before winning 4-1 over Nielskoek, Pwndx, and Turbopolsa in the finals.

So Mockit continue to show consistent results, unlike when they first formed, and this will reassure them as with RLCS final 128 play-in approaching, before they looked like they could potentially be in danger of being upset, but those worries appear to be gone now, and I'll be curious how they shape up against NV or F3 if either of them decide to play to get their spot back. -Tylacto

#4 EnVyUs: Remkoe / gReazy / Deevo / Mout* | ^Down 1

Nothing much to say for NV over this time period except for their Rival Series results. They were matched up against Gale Force in which the overall series went 2-1 in favor of NV in which there were 20 total games played with the series results looking like this, 4-3, 3-4, 4-2.

It might have been harsh to drop them down for this but with some lack of activity and movement around them they wound up dropping. -MrLittleThor

#5 Flipside Tactics: Markydooda / Kuxir97 / Miztik / JHZER* | ^Down 1

FlipSid3 Tactics move down a spot, mostly due to a lack of results over the last two weeks. Their only result with full roster was in PRL Rival Week where they faced The Leftovers in a Bo3 of Bo7s. With this being the first time the new leftovers roster played it was interesting to see how the games played out. In the first Bo7 Leftovers were the better team, eventually taking the series 4-1. in the second series Leftovers were up 2-0 when FlipSid3 started to figure out how to beat them. And when they cracked the code it was F3 all the way, winning the 8 next games securing them a 2-1 win. An impressive result by F3, but it was mostly the way they achieved the result that impressed me.

FlipSid3 also entered in Gfinity on August 11th, with Snaski subbing in for kuxir97 where they eventually lost in the Semifinals against Rød Pølse(Pwndx, Nielskoek, Turbopolsa). With F3 being one of the teams that are auto wualified for RLCS league play they don’t have to worry about qualifiers. However it is just under a month until league play begins so you would expect to see F3 more in weekly tournaments as preparations for RLCS. -TWildman

#6 The Leftovers: Snaski / Sikii / Maestro / Danzhizzle* | ^--

Leftovers hold onto their #6 spot after a roster change with Maestro falling into their laps and a few interesting results. Among their many GFinity results, Leftovers held victories over The Juicy Kids, Epsilon, Copenhagen Flames, and Thick Icebergs but also suffered losses to Endpoint and Zepphyre.

Their main result was in PRL's Rivalry Week versus Flipsid3 in what will likely be a battle to fight for a LAN spot and/or to try to stick in RLCS next season. The series of series (confusing right?) went to F3 2-1 with each series shaping up like this, 4-1, 2-4, 0-4. Which isn't particularly surprising considering the series could've gone either way. -MrLittleThor 

#7 Frontline: Ferra / Chausette45 / Bluey / Yukeo* | ^NEW

Frontline jump straight into the 7th spot due to an impressive two week period. During this time Frontline achieved a 3-2 win vs Mockit (with Killer subbing in for Fairy), 3-1 victory over GFE, and 4-3 victory over Aeriality. Frontline also lost 2-3 to Cow Nose (Zen, Niels and Killer), a 4-3 victory against Paschy, mout and kar0tten) and a 3-2 defeat to I2012I (Stocki, Killer and Heavy). Frontline ended the two week period qualifying for the last 128 play-in, and will be looking to get into RLCS. -Woody 

#8 Aeriality: Continuum / Tylacto / FlamE / Ertunc* | ^Down 1

Aeriality had a decent two week period but move down a place this week after Frontlines inclusion in the Power Rankings. Notable results wise, Aeriality lost 3-1 to Method, beat Pepperoni (Mike, GMS and Killer) 3-0, Infused 3-1 (Doomsee, Sebadam and Flarke), lost 3-0 to Sebadam, Mummisnow and EyeIgnite, and lost 3-2 to RixronCarry. Therefore a decent two week period for Aeriality consisting on mainly expected results, bar losing to Rixron and being swept by Sebadam, Mumi and EyeIgnite. Likewise with GFE and Frontline, Aeriality also qualified to the last 128 play-in on Sunday, and will be hoping to sneak into RLCS, or RLRS at a minimum. Aeriality are in that 7-10 range currently, so will be interesting if they can make RLCS, or have to settle for RLRS. -Woody

#9 Endpoint: Cheerio / Tinny / Shakharon / Pulsar* | ^--

Endpoint remain 9th on a split vote, potentially unfortunately as until very recently they appeared to be striking some very good form. In the early Gfinitys they took a series off Pnda Gaming (now Inspiration), as well as some games off Mockit. They then had a reassuring one, beating pickup teams such as Scrub, Jessie, Mout, as well as Eyelgnite, Mummisnow, and Sebadam. Following this they also took a 5 game series over an admittedly out of form Leftovers, before being swept by Method in the finals. They also looked to move up the Gfinity Elite Series table, taking a sweep over Prophecy on the first Sunday, putting them in a good position to earn a top 4 playoff spot. However when it came to this recent Sunday, the play was far less consistent. 2 games down and still without a win in the entire Elite Series, Reason Gaming decided that this was the time that they would go super saiyan and then they just reverse swept like that.

As for RLCS, Endpoint are yet to play their qualifier, I believe they are signed up for 3 and 4. This shouldn't be a problem as even by this coming 2nd qualifier, the teams are far less stacked with far fewer teams to worry about, but thinking about the final 128 play in, Endpoint will be looking to come back into form in order to secure a top 8 seed (seeing as NV and F3 have auto qualified). -Tylacto 

#10 Epsilon: Alex161 / Reepex / Data / Gontho* | ^--

Epsilon still occupy the last spot in the top 10 after a two week period where almost every other team around them has had some bad results. Apart from Gfinity Elite Series Epsilon only played in Gfinity on August 4th where they eventually lost to the new Leftovers team, an expected result, but based on Leftovers recent struggles you would have expected Epsilon to make it closer than 3-0. In Gfinity Elite Series Epsilon long looked like the 5th best team, recent results have moved them up in to 3rd.

Epsilon first beat an undefeated Team EnVyUs(Mout, Waffle, Friis) 3-1 before comfortably taking down Prophecy 3-0. That means they now have 12 points before facing Method in the last round. With Method probably being the best team in Gfinity Elite Series at the moment it will be though for Epsilon to get a win. However if they win that match they will be going in to the Playoffs as 2nd seed, while a loss against Method might see them slip down to 4th(assuming hth results is the tie breaker). If other results go as expected the match against Method might not matter though as the two teams will likely finish 2nd and 4th, and therefore facing each other again in the Playoff. -TWildman


On the Bubble Teams

RankTeam NameRoster 11 Inspiration Sebadam / Lauty / Oscillon / Flakes* 12 Suhh ChargingDingle / MoneyTalk / Paca / Neon Remix* 13 Copenhagen Flames Bække / abeogand / Hank / fruity* 14 BitterSweet Godsmilla / Borito B / Didris / Deviix* 15 Rejects Doomsee / Flarke / Florus / Nalmon* 16 Descending Angels Mccluvin / limbo messiah / HanseN / Rotweiler


Others Receiving Votes

Team NameRoster Tree Hopotihoi / Gnagflow06 / Quantix


Teams To Watch

Tylacto: exceL WrongWayWoody: BoonkGang TWildman: The Juicy Kids Radioo: - MrLittleThor: Rejects

Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!

TeamTylactoWoodyTWildmanRadiooMrLittleThorAverage Gale Force eSports 1 1 1 - 1 1.00 Method 3 3 2 - 2 2.50 Mock-it eSports 2 4 3 - 3 3.00 EnVyUs 4 2 4 - 4 3.50 Flipsid3 Tactics 5 5 5 - 5 5.00 The Leftovers 7 6 6 - 6 6.25 Frontline 6 7 9 - 8 7.50 Aeriality 8 9 8 - 7 8.00 Endpoint 9 8 7 - 9 8.25 Epsilon 10 10 10 - 10 10.00





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