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esports | EU Power Rankings - Weeks of 09/11 - 09/24

10 months ago by RLPowerRankings in Power Rankings
Power Ranking Methodology

These rankings were provided by a committee of people that offer different views in the Rocket League Community. We use a system similar to the Associated Press power rankings for College Football or Basketball - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few weeks. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.


Power Ranking Committee

MrLittleThor - eSports enthusiast and ardent observer of the EU competitive scene. Also head of EU Power Rankings Committee.

WrongWayWoody - SARPBC Veteran, Known fake master, and community member. Has vast knowledge on the EU scene.

TWildman - Active Rocket League eSports viewer and analyst.

Tylacto - Active player for Team Secret.

Sly - Trial member. Ex-esportswikis contributor.





#1 PSG eSports: Ferra / Chausette45 / Bluey / Yukeo* | Up 1

Frontline continued their recent success in this two week period, being picked up by Paris Saint-Germain, sitting at the top of the RLCS leaderboard and now they take 1st place in the Power Rankings aswell. After starting the RLCS season of with close wins over Gale Force and Mock-It they had a bye week in week 2. Coming in to week three after being picked up by PSG a lot of people was questioning how good this team could do in RLCS. They showed up big, taking down Team Secret 3-0 and FlipSid3 Tactics 3-1. They now have secured a top 6 spot and qualified for RLCS season 5, but considering their recent form a top 2 spot in league play has to be PSG’s goal. A lot of that will be decided next week as they face both exceL and Method, two teams that have been looking really good lately. The math is simple, two wins and they are guaranteed top two and LAN, but it is not an easy task. -TWildman

#2 Method: Metsanauris / Mognus / al0t / Sniper | --

Method find themselves still holding on to a #2 spot when I had a hard time deciding on the order of the top 3. Their RLCS results slightly favored them in second over Gale Force but it was hard to decide on that. In RLCS they squeaked out 3-2 series wins over Flipsid3 Tactics and Gale Force while in GFinity their notable results were a 3-2 win over Supersonic Avengers, 0-3 loss to Mock-it, and a 3-4 loss to Gale Force. I'll be the first to admit that GFE and Method could be swapped. -MrLittleThor

#3 Gale Force eSports: ViolentPanda / Kaydop / Turbopolsa / Dogu* | Down 2

Gale slips down two places this week to 3rd after two direct losses over PSG and Method respectively in RLCS. People may be looking at Gales 2-2 record and languishing down in 5th position and wonder what has happened to the team that looked like the dominant team in EU a few weeks ago. However, if you look at who they played, things are not as bleak as they first seem. Gale’s two defeats are against the two teams that are 4-0, and both times they loss 3-2. Therefore GFE are not far off being the only team with a 4-0 record. They also have a 3-1 victory over exceL and a 3-1 win over Team Secret. Therefore GFE has had a very hard start fixture wise, and I would not be surprised if they end up the season finishing 5-2. However, you would assume nV and F3 will only get better and back up to speed as the season progresses, so they may be much harder teams to face later on in RLCS.

Looking at results outside of RLCS, GFE also entered both Friday Gfinity’s over the two week period, with a surprise loses vs Reason Gaming (3-2) on the 15th but bouncing back for next Friday’s Gfin (22nd) to win the whole tournament defeating CPH 3-0, excel 3-0 and Method 4-3 in the final. Therefore going 1-1 (in series) and 6-6 (in games) vs Method for the two week period and moving below them can be seen as a tad harsh, however results in RLCS are weight slightly more heavily than in other tours, and coupled with the loss to Reason meant I thought Method deserved to move ahead.

Overall, GFE will not be happy with their current 2-2 record in RLCS, but as earlier mentioned this is partly due to their fixtures than how they’ve been playing. Currently it seems Method, PSG and GFE are slightly ahead of the rest, although I’m sure Mockit and excel will have something to say about that. With new H2H rules going on game win % rather than Head2Head, GFE still have a good chance of making top 2, and a guaranteed place at the world finals, but to do so they need to win all their remaining games, and hope whoever loses the H2H between Method and PSG also lose another game, which is certainly possible. -Woody

#4 Mock-it eSports: Paschy / Fairy Peak / FreaKii / PetricK* | --

Mockit remain in 4th after a 2 weeks that I imagine they'll be at least satisfied with. Outside of RLCS they only played 1 Gfinity, in which they actually got a 3-0 sweep over Method, but fell 3-4 in the finals to exceL. Inside the RLCS however, they got a 3-1 win over both F3 and NV, leaving them with a 2-1 record that is in good standing the get them into playoffs.

As for the games themselves, Fairy Peak has been stepping up massively, already with multiple 0 second goals this season, he's really showing the glimpses of the player prior to season 3. Paschy and FreaKii have been solid yes, but there certainly won't be any of the question marks over Fairy's head with the car changes and performance, all that he has shown now is clutch play after clutch play so far. -Tylacto

#5 exceL: Nielskoek / Zensuz / Pwndx / Masterio* | Up 1

ExceL have had a mixed bag of results in the past few weeks, but have solidified their place as a top tier squad. In the RLCS, Excel started with a 1-3 loss to Gale Force, not a bad result against a team that is a contender for a top 2 spot. Then Excel demolished Envy in a 3-0 victory and dispatched Team Secret quite easily in another 3-0 victory. These are positive results for a squad that was rather overlooked when they first signed up for RLCS Season 4. They aren’t making waves, but Excel have shown that they could provide us with an upset and I could see the Mockit vs ExceL series on the last day of League Play being a peach of a series to watch for the neutral fan.

Outside the RLCS, ExceL managed to win Gfinity on Friday 15th with a 3-1 victory over Game Fist, 3-0 victory over Super Hot Fiyah (Stake, Gerry Goorlap and SAKSEN), 3-0 victory over the new Reason Gaming line-up and finally, a 4-3 victory over Mockit. This was a good run for ExceL, but on the 22nd, despite winning a close 3-2 series against Reason, they lost 0-3 against Gale Force, perhaps showing they lack the consistency required to compete with the very top. However, ExceL is a team people should no longer sleep on, Nielskoek continues to fire in the goals with the highest goals per game ratio of both the NA and EU regions and even Zensuz is stepping up with a better scoring record this season. I am excited for what the future holds for this team. -Sly

#6 Flipsid3 Tactics: Markydooda / Kuxir97 / Miztik / JHZER* | Back

F3 are having a slightly hard time as of late, which with how they fared come the end of S3, and a rather inactive off season was rather expected. Their chances of making top 2 are basically nonexistent and their main aim should be securing a top 6 spot, and auto qualification into next seasons RLCS before even thinking about then making LAN in the regionals. Thankfully for F3, nV were also inactive in the off season (although not quite as much as F3 were) and seems to have had more of an effect on their form, and with leftovers not making RLCS due to losing to Team Secret in the qualifiers, F3 may just secure that vital 6th place. Finishing higher than 6th is still certainly possible, but F3 would have to go 2-0 next Sunday vs ExceL and GFE which on current form I don’t think is too likely.

Results outside RLCS, F3 also entered Gfinity on the 22nd. They fell 3-1 to Supah Hot Beaguette (Stake, Zeddo and Pugsay) in the QF, which although F3’s form has been shaky, is still a pretty bad loss. Overall, next Sunday will tell us a lot about where F3 will end up finishing, and they may need one win next Sunday to make 6th theirs to lose. -Woody

#7 EnVyUs: Remkoe / gReazy / Deevo / Mout* | Down 3

There is no doubt that Team Envy is in a struggle, a struggle of great similarity to the decline G2 Esports experienced in Season 2 League Play where they went 2-5 and missed out of a top 6 spot. Envy is in serious danger of mimicking this decline following their victory in the Season 3 World Championship. Results have been poor for Team Envy in this two week period, they won 3-0 against Team Secret as expected, but were unable to maintain their momentum losing 1-3 to Flipsid3 Tactics, 0-3 to ExceL and 1-3 to Mock-it.This was perhaps the worst time to go on a losing streak as it ruined all hopes of a top 2 placement and even their top 6 hopes are hanging by a thread now. They are set to face an inform Paris St Germain and a strong Gale Force squad in the final week of League Play, two teams looking to achieve automatic qualification for the World Championships, meaning that Envy will be in for a tough ride. They will need a stronger nerve if they are to beat these two robust sides but having failed to take any of their losses to five games losing in overtime multiple times, its improbable Envy will achieve victories against these teams.

I refuse to call this unexpected decline a “curse” but perhaps World Champions start lacking the drive, attitude and desperation of teams seeking their first championship win. If Envy can focus on their game rather than social media they can still achieve a top 6 placement but other than Team Secret they are by far the unlikeliest team to qualify for the playoffs and as a result, they drop three places down the rankings. -Sly

#8 The Leftovers: Snaski / Sikii / Maestro / Danzhizzle* | Down 1

Big wins for The Leftovers in RLRS, a 3-1 over Supersonic Avengers and a 3-1 over Juicy Kids puts them firmly at the top with a 3-0 record. The series against Supersonic Avengers was actually really interesting seeing as ELMP and Snaski were former teammates, and the 3-1 score perhaps doesn't show how close the series was. Either way, The Leftovers will be looking to continue with an unbeaten record in order to keep their top 2 spot convincingly. That way they'll get another crack at some team doing quite poorly at the moment. -Tylacto

#9 Team Secret: Continuum / Tylacto / FlamE / Ertunc* | Down 2

The former Aeriality team fall two places to 9th this week. Since last PR they have been picked up by Team Secret, but in the RLCS they have been struggling. 0-3 against EnVyUs, PSG and exceL over the last two weeks is not the results Secret have been looking for. They currently sit at 8th in the RLCS rankings, yet to get a series win. However with PSG and Method dominating they still have a small chance at getting top 6. Next week Secret have a bye week, and just have to hope that F3 loses both of their matches before the two teams face of in week 5. -TWildman

#10 The Juicy Kids: killerno7 / Stocki / Frag / coKaaa* | Up 1

The Juicy Kids squeak into the top 10 after a solid start to the RLRS campaign but I'm betting they won't be here for much longer unless we see a solid GFinity run or 3-0's in RLRS. The few results we have for them over this timeframe are a 3-0 win over Inspiration and a 1-3 loss to The Leftovers in RLRS but also followed up with a 0-3 GFinity loss to "Full yolo and pray" (Tigree, Yukeo, Gerry) which doesn't help their case in the future. -MrLittleThor


On the Bubble Teams

RankTeam NameRoster 11 Endpoint Cheerio / Tinny / Shakharon / Pulsar* 12 Supersonic Avengers ELMP / PauliePaul / Shikuni / KileaK* 13 Inspiration Sebadam / Lauty / Oscillon / Flakes* 14 Most Wanted Wolfsonthemoon / Dadooh / Ghostfire / SkieS* 14 Reason Gaming Rix_Ronday / BoritoB / Speed / Tigree 16 ExRay Mummisnow / EyeIgnite / Skyline / Tizz*


Others Receiving Votes

Team NameRoster No Other Team Receiving Votes


Teams To Watch


Tylacto: Endpoint WrongWayWoody: Team Infused TWildman: Inspiration Sly: Reason Gaming MrLittleThor: Reason Gaming


Here is how the members of the committee came to this top 10!

**Team****Tylacto****Woody****TWildman****Sly****MrLittleThor****Average** PSG eSports 2 1 1 1 1 1.20 Method 1 2 2 3 2 2.00 Gale Force eSports 3 3 3 2 3 2.80 Mock-it eSports 4 5 5 4 4 4.40 exceL 5 4 4 5 5 4.60 Flipsid3 Tactics 6 6 6 6 6 6.00 EnVyUs 7 7 7 7 7 7.00 The Leftovers 8 8 8 8 8 8.00 Team Secret 9 9 9 9 9 9.00 The Juicy Kids 11 10 10 12 10 10.60



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