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Darkmode, user blocking and translations in the app

11 months ago by vicegold in Site News

Great news everyone!

Today is an exciting day for us! Since the release of our RLG mobile app, some of the most requested features have been to add a dark mode, user blocking and UI/item translations. And that's what we've been working on in the past couple of months.

To get the update head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download version 1.6.0 of the App!

Dark mode
Dark mode can be activated on the settings screen (you can find the settings menu on your profile). Set your theme to be activated based on your device settings or manually select dark or light mode. You can also chose between 2 different designs per theme!

User blocking
If you don't want to see trades or messages from another user, you can now block them on their profiles or in the More menu (3 dots icon) on every trade.

English isn't your native language? No worries! The App UI and all items are now fully translated into these languages:

German French Italian Spanish Portuguese Dutch Polish Russian Turkish Japanese

Huge shoutout to our community translators for their tremendous job translating the App UI.

If you're fluent in Korean and want to help translating the App into Korean, please contact us through our support form!

We also fixed quite a few annoying bugs like trade comments not sending, endless loading screens and random message switching.

Full changelog

- Darkmode
- Translations (Use the app in your native language! Not all languages are supported.)
- User blocking
- Better trade, profile and settings design
- Engine sounds item category
- Open Trading section prefiltered when tapping an Item Shop item

- Fix trade comments not sending
- Fix auto-correct not working on messages and comments
- Fix app freezing after opening it from a notification
- Fix random user switches in messages
- Fix max quantity 50 credits on trade items
- Fix item background refresh
- Fix a bug that allowed users to add more than 10 items to a trade
- Fix search bar not working
- Fix keyboard not showing when starting a conversation
- Fix missing translations in settings



22 days ago
24 days ago
24 days ago
24 days ago
Gf cudnd
2 months ago
What I would like most for RL Garage is to have the ability to trade through the app so that you could trade on the go. So say you were on the bus coming home from school and you see someone wanted to trade with you. Well then you would message them back but there’s the possibility that they were tired of waiting and traded with someone else. I would like the ability to be able to link your ROCKET LEAGUEtm account to the app so that you could see the items you had and what other players actually had too. This would help significantly decrease the amount of scams that take place. I know that this may be a giant hurdle to overcome, but it would have a great effect on those of us who like things easier, more official, and the people who have been scammed would definitely appreciate it. (I have been scammed for three gold nuggets and my cousin was scammed of his alpha cap)
2 months ago
When I get a notification on this app and go see it it never goes until the next day it will say I have a notification that I didn't see but I actually did
4 months ago
When i send my messages they dont go through and get deleted
5 months ago
when i put my account it just puts a white screen so i cant message or add trades?
6 months ago
My friends and I stopped getting push notifications in the app last update. Messed with the notification settings, but no change.
8 months ago
Why is there no translation in Arabic? If you do a survey of the accounts, you will find about 40% of their Arabic language. Please pay attention to the Arabic language.
10 months ago
Bruh Is all I can say

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