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College Rocket League - CCA Power Ranking #3

10 months ago by Jasher in Power Rankings
  RankSchoolRecordAlphaNavyTophatTaylorDoodatNinja43b900Average 1 Cal Poly (19 - 3) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 NEU (18 - 2) 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 LSU (14 - 5) 3 3 3 4 4 3 3 3 3.25 4 Texas (16 - 3) 4 4 4 3 3 4 4 4 3.75 5 Utah (12 - 5) 7 5 7 6 5 5 5 5 5.625 6 UIUC (13 - 5) 5 6 5 5 8 6 6 6 5.875 7 TAMU (11 - 7) 8 8 6 9 7 10 7 7 7.75 8 Purdue (12 - 7) 6 12 9 7 11 7 9 12 9.125 9 UMD (9 - 5) 9 7 8 13 6 18 8 9 9.75 10 UCSD (12 - 5) 10 11 13 8 9 9 11 8 9.875 11 ISU (11 - 7) 11 13 14 11 12 8 10 13 11.5 12 IUB (10 - 4) 13 10 10 12 10 16 12 11 11.75 13 KSU (9 - 8) 12 9 11 16 15 12 14 10 12.375 14 ASU (9 - 8) 14 14 15 10 13 11 13 15 13.125 15 WSU (7 - 9) 16 17 12 15 16 13 15 14 14.75 16 SDSU (8 - 6) 15 15 16 14 18 19 16 16 16.125 17 Florida (6 - 10) 17 16 19 19 14 15 21 19 17.5 18 UCI (7 - 7) 18 20 17 17 17 20 17 17 17.875 19 ULL (6 - 8) 19 19 20 18 19 21 18 18 19 20 RIT (5 - 11) 21 21 21 20 20 14 19 21 19.625 21 GT (4 - 12) 20 18 23 23 23 17 23 23 21.25 22 GSU (6 - 8) 23 23 24 21 21 22 20 20 21.75 23 UTK (5 - 9) 22 24 18 22 22 23 22 22 21.875 24 UConn (4 - 10) 24 22 22 24 24 24 24 24 23.5 College Rocket League - CCA Power Ranking #3

About the CCA Power Ranking Committee:

These rankings were provided by a committee of members that offer different views in the College Carball Association. We use a system like the Associated Press power rankings for College Sports - a panel of writers vote on who they think should be listed and an average is produced from these rankings. The members of this committee consider several factors when determining their rankings and the competitive results data that is referenced comes from the past few months. Each member of the committee has their own method for how they rank the teams, though they are consistent and similar.

Luke ‘Alpha’ Mlakar –

President of the CCA and Purdue University Rocket League. Owner of the famous Jacob foam hat from RLCS Season 3 LAN. Aspiring drone racing pilot.

Nicholas ‘Navystriker’ Rafacz –

President and player for the UIUC chapter, lead project manager for the CCA E-board, grand champion at heart, former diamond 3 legend.

Zach ‘Tophat266’ Usry –

President and player for Texas A&M Rocket League. Current Bronze 1. Best Skill: Getting carried.

Trevor ‘ObsessedTaylor’ Woodruff –

Treasurer of CCA and RL/CS:GO Captain for San Diego State University. Spends way too much time on campus at the bowling alley, and terrible at Rocket League.

David ‘Doodat’ Du –

Vice president for Texas, and most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing.

Curtis ‘NinjaRider’ Kenyon –

Rides Ninjas, yells at monitors about stuff, stay off his lawn.

Michael ‘43’ Menhennet –

Plays for Cal Poly, pretty decent at the game sometimes but sucks at PUBG.

Robert ‘b900cool’ Belter –

When you don't have a description cuz you're new ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

College Carball Association Links:

Discord - discord.me/CCA

Twitter - twitter.com/CollegeCarball

Twitch - twitch.tv/CollegeCarball

Patreon - patreon.com/CollegeCarball

1 – California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA
Roster: 43 / Twice the Tang / Stay-at-home Savage / Big Boss / Digo

Cal Poly SLO enters the fall season as the top team in CCA, with good reason. They finished strong in the regular season with a tied-1st 13-1 record. Since then, they have cemented themselves as the strongest team in CCA with a strong playoff run with a sub, finishing second. Twice the Tang wasn't present for playoffs because he was on TV, playing in the 2v2 NBC New York Regional. 43 leads the team with a strong focus in team play, and this shows with 3 Cal Poly members leading the league in assists. With Stay-at-Home Savage rounding out the roster, look for Cal Poly SLO to be the team to beat in the Tespa Fall League. – Doodat

2 – Northeastern University

Boston, MA
Roster: Floms / Mercurial / Sharkparty / Uesae / Sciguymjm

Northeastern is a team that was inactive for most of the summer. With Floms on vacation for an entire month, the team did not play in the Tespa summer series and everyone was unsure of what to expect upon his return just in time for the CCA playoffs. With the roster of Floms, Mercurial and Sharkparty, NEU beat several top teams such as Cal Poly, LSU, Texas, and UIUC on their way to winning the entire event. With such an impressive performance, NEU has cemented itself as a top team and a favorite to win the eastern conference in Tespa fall series play. Expect NEU to improve over the coming months and to become a contender for the title of national champion. – NavyStriker

3 – Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA
Roster: Donnie / Lohtek / ModyKiller / Kaezeus

LSU started out the regular season the team to beat. They went undefeated against every team they played, and won each game until a very close 4-3 loss to Cal Poly. They started to regain their winning ways after, but took an unexpected loss to Texas in week 9, showing some team chemistry issues, looking like they had some real holes in their defense for the first time. This team went into playoffs with a lot of questions, and started off well, beating Utah and Cal Poly, then falling to eventual champs Northeastern in the winners final, then to Cal Poly in the loser’s final. The team finished playoffs not too shabby with some good wins and close losses, ending up in a strong third place among many good teams that played. One thing we know is that LSU, when playing on their game, can beat anyone. – 43

4 – University of Texas

Austin, TX
Roster: Doodat / jawewe / Daniel / Jak / Jeekery

Texas had a very strong regular season. They were never really considered the best team, often overlooked as they were a team full of team players who get the job done for the better of the team, not focusing on the flashy goals and mechanics that the other top teams boast. This mindset led them to a tied-best record in the regular season of 13-1, with their only loss to Cal Poly. They beat every other blue division team, most with ease, on their way to a 2 seed in playoffs. In the playoffs, they performed average, with a decent showing against champs Northeastern, losing 3-2 in winners’ semifinals, then 2-0 in a close series to Cal Poly to finish their summer in a solid fourth place. – 43

5 – University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT
Roster: Brio / Brizzy / Funnyguy / Walker / Wicked Potatoes

With their full roster of Brizzy, Wicked Potatoes and Brio, Utah is one of the deadliest teams in collegiate rocket league. Utah had quite a poor showing in the CCA playoffs, losing to LSU on the winner’s side of the bracket, and getting knocked out by Purdue in the loser’s. However, during the Tespa summer series Utah was a consistent top four finisher. In regards to the Tespa fall series, Utah is in the western conference and must deal with formidable teams such as Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, and University of Arizona. Expect Utah to qualify with ease for conference play, and then fight head to head with these other top teams for one of the two spots for nationals. – NavyStriker

6 – University of Illinois

Urbana-Champaign, IL
Roster: Navystriker / Jorge / Cloud / Phat / EMET

The last power rankings saw UIUC tied with NEU for 4th with only a couple losses to their name. Lately though, both NEU and Utah have shown massive improvement in their play, and have surpassed UIUC in quality of play. Urbana-Champaign are no slouches though, with fast and exciting play that requires some insane team communication and chemistry that lights up the pitch. It is that chemistry, unfortunately, that seems to be missing as of late, and one of the reasons why they find themselves placed at # 7 in this go-round of Power Rankings. Strong results in the CCA Summer Finals allow them to not drop farther but have shown them where they need to improve to stay one of the strongest teams in Collegiate Rocket League. – NinjaRider

7 – Texas A&M University

College Station, TX
Roster: Wayprotein / Tophat266 / Wlil / Nereh / Lodence

Texas A&M has been picking it up the last few weeks. They finished strong in the CCA regular season, holding 5th place. During playoffs, they had a rather short run, mostly due to having to play with 2 subs. Wins against teams like Texas and Utah and strong showings in Tespa have shown that A&M can compete with the best. They are welcoming the additions of new players such as Wlil and Lodence which has bolstered their already 10+ player roster. Look for the A&M players to make a move during the fall season to move up the power rankings. – Doodat

8 – Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN
Roster: Soup Chef / Alpha / Tsuedo / Brine / TBD

Purdue had a pretty successful end to a bumpy season for them. In the CCA playoffs, after getting knocked out by UIUC in the first round, they made a strong run in the loser's bracket, beating Georgia Tech, Utah, and Texas A&M before falling to Texas. That secured them 5th spot in the CCA summer series. Looking ahead, Purdue looks to be one of the favorites for Northern Conference but has some serious work to do in the off-season. While they keep star player Soup Chef, they are losing captain Jpanda (formally TrashPanda) and third man Jooshman before fall season. Alpha, wanting to transition from player to manager, hopes to find new talent before CRL qualifiers so they can keep up with elite competition. – Tophat266

9 – University of Maryland

College Park, MD
Roster: dEben / OneShot / MyHawk / M^2 / Shafster

UMD is proving to be one of the top teams in collegiate rocket league. During the CRL summer series ran by Tespa, UMD managed to win two of the five weeks, with several other top eight finishes. These results were possible due to the addition of Deben, an incoming freshman who has ignited the UMD team and may make them a possible contender for a top two team in the eastern conference of TESPA fall series. The projected fall roster for UMD is Deben, OneShot and MyHawk. Expect them to qualify easily for conference play and to give top eastern teams like Northeastern a tough time. – NavyStriker

10 – University of California (UCSD)

San Diego, CA
Roster: Avenger351 / Eagul / Shimashiba / jORPUZ / ErickDaSloth

UCSD did very well for themselves over the summer series with a record of 11-3 to finish 3rd in the Orange division. In summer series play they managed to beat the eventual champions of the summer series in Northeastern, however a bit of poor play in playoffs cost them an early exit when many saw them having a chance to go far in the playoffs. UCSD is led by captain Shimashiba who put up a solid 223 points per game during summer series play, while scoring nearly a goal per game with a 0.94 goal per game average across the entire summer. The remaining starters on the UCSD squad are Avenger351 and Eagul, who both racked up impressive numbers in support of Shimashiba with a total of 77 assists coming from these two, when UCSD can field all three of these members together, they can take down any team. – ObsessedTaylor

11 – Iowa State University

Ames, IA
Roster: RDCRUSH / Bob / Airnautique / Niketas / Nighthawk

Iowa State was a very odd team results-wise this year. This team has steadily improved throughout the season, with very many narrow wins. Of their 8 victories, they had a shocking five different 4-3 wins, luckily winning series if it went 6 games or more. This team turned out to be a very solid contender, dark horse team come playoff time. After their rough loss to Texas A&M 3-0 first round in losers, they turned it around and beat RIT 2-1, ASU 2-1, then lost a close series to top team UIUC 2-1 to finish out their year in the summer series. Look for Iowa State to really improve coming into the fall series of Tespa, as if they can keep up what they’ve been showing they could really become a threat. – 43

12 – Indiana University

Bloomington, IN
Roster: Tekk / Nicklit / Zebu / TBD

Indiana had an interesting CCA summer season. While they were one of the stronger teams in orange division, they did not compete in the playoffs because they couldn't pull a roster together. They had some good runs in some of the summer Tespa tournaments with one of their new Grand Champion players Cydonia, but it turns out he will be unable to play for them in the fall because he attends a different Indiana branch. With another one of their players, Savage, deciding not to compete, it appears their current fall roster will be Tekk, Nicklit, and Zebu. While still a very good team, they may want to find new talent in the off-season if they hope to compete for the Northern Conference Title. UIUC has already gotten new talent for their team and Purdue is already actively searching. Indiana is going to need to get a move on so they can keep up. – Tophat266

13 – Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, GA
Roster: Colt / Daylon / Airfare / JCMNoah / MijoMex

Kennesaw State saw themselves in the CCA Summer Championships in an awkward position as they had to take on an extremely strong LSU and was immediately sent to the lower bracket. They managed to pull it together against WSU, but were knocked out by UIUC. KSU are not bad at all, but there is very strong opposition on their road to glory. They will need to make some large improvements, but their enthusiasm for the game and love of being on stream makes crowd favorites. They have their work cut out for them for the fall season, but keep your eye on them for a few surprises. – NinjaRider

14 – Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ
Roster: Zoo / Snowdragons / BumperPumper / Aze / DoomZa

Arizona State finished with some strong wins against other teams close to them in the power rankings, but also a loss against WSU. In playoffs, they had a win against UCSD but fell quickly to Texas and a close series with ISU. Look for BumperPumper and Snowdragonz to spend a lot of time on offense as they lead the team in goals with .84 and .87 goals/game respectively. With a win against UIUC and some close games against other top teams, look out for them to make a push in the Tespa fall league. – Doodat

15 – Washington State University

Pullman, WA
Roster: b900cool / Sky / Birds of War / Blue / TinyLettuce

Washington State had a successful end to their CCA summer season. After starting the first half of season play with only 1 win, WSU pulled together in the back half of the season, beating multiple strong opponents in a row to qualify for playoffs as the 7 seed. They faltered in playoffs however, losing their first 2 games to Utah and KSU. They've shown a lot of progress though throughout CCA and in the Tespa summer tournaments. They already have a leg up over their rival Washington whom they beat in Tespa. Their roster throughout the summer was b900cool, sky, and birds of war. This roster could be set to change however as they've acquired two new champ players Blue and Tiny Lettuce. Look for them to improve over the off season as they test out their new players and prepare for west conference qualifiers. – Tophat266

16 – San Diego State University

San Diego, CA
Roster: ObsessedTaylor / Lafwee xD / PorkChop

San Diego State find themselves with the lowest positive record of 8 and 6 and are looking for massive improvement for the Fall season. Lafwee has been streaming more, and PorkChop and ObsessedTaylor should be practicing more and more. It was surprising to not see them in the Summer Championships, but they did have a late start in the CCA and was only ranked in the last power rankings. This team shows massive promise as all three are excellent pilots in their own respects, and more play time together will guarantee a rise to collegiate stardom. They are determined to take on the likes of LSU, NEU and Cal Poly and their budding team synergy is key to their success. – NinjaRider

17 – University of Florida

Gainsville, FL
Roster: DownToHuck / AdmiralCrunch / Cooperr / ahaubster / Strykr916

UF was led in stats by AdmiralCrunch and backed by their captain DownToHuck as they worked their way through the Summer Series competition into the playoffs. AdmiralCrunch, UF’s leading scorer scored on 36 of 109 shots. It seems though that UF’s biggest problem during the summer series was a lack of shooting. Of their 5 players, only AdmiralCrunch took over 100 shots throughout the Summer Series. More shooting could be UF’s biggest improvement moving forward as many teams had multiple players above 100 shots and some even breaching 200. They did however play well during the playoffs. Despite not winning a match, UF played a 2nd seeded Texas to a full 5 game series and a 3rd seeded UCSD to a full 3 game series, a team they beat in season play. With good play like this at the end of the season, look forward to an even better University of Florida team in the future. – b900cool

18 – University of California (UCI)

Irvine, CA
Roster: Isosceles / jL / FAF$A / Ralph / Jon

UCI is led by the dynamic duo of Isosceles and jL, accounting for 23 of 25 of the team’s MVP awards. Both put up big offensive numbers with jL getting 41 goals and Isosceles with 47 goals, while jL was a clear defensive master in front of goal with 82 saves (which was the 11th best in the entire CCA in the summer series). The roster is rounded out with FAF$A who was a key component on the team by having the proper rotations, and being where he needed to be on the field to give UCI the best chance to win. They had a tough conference in playing in the blue division, but were still able to post a respectable record of 7-7 and with a very good win over Arizona State, and a narrow 4-3 loss to Iowa State. – ObsessedTaylor

19 – University of Louisiana

Lafayette, LA
Roster: Classy / Bach in law / JSavv / Larold Lizardo / Lord Leon

Led by captain and leading assister Classy (36 Assists) and headlined by their playmaker Bach in law (63 goals on 166 shots), ULL finished the Summer series with a 6-8 record rating them 10th in the Blue division. With late season losses to Texas, UIUC, and a close 3-4 loss to SDSU, ULL was eliminated from the top 8 and from playoff contention. Their final rating however does not tell the whole story. Close losses to higher ranking teams including Iowa State (3-4), ASU (3-4), and UCI (2-4) show that this ULL team has more to prove. With 75% of their shots being assisted during the regular season teamplay is ULL’s best asset moving forward and could make their team a deadly force in any series. – b900cool

20 – Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY
Roster: Whitebark / MimiKe / Jet / That Guy / Monaco

RIT was led by Whitebark posting 35 goals, 22 assists, and 60 saves and MimiKe with a nearly identical 38 goals, 23 assists, 61 saves. Unfortunately for RIT it seems as if they were never able to build a full sense of chemistry by not having the same 3 players every time, Jet was the most used player only playing 6 matches in the summer series. It could be a very different story for RIT in the future if they can get a solid third player and find the time to build chemistry with one another. Monaco showed very good potential in the four games he played in posting a very impressive 308 points per game, maybe Monaco is the key to push RIT closer to the top of the power rankings. – ObsessedTaylor

21 – Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA
Roster: QuasaR / Broccoli Penguin / Xevious / Hansel / wipeout

GT participated in the summer series playoffs as the 8th seed for the Blue division. They faced a top seeded NEU in the first round where they lost 3-0. They were eventually knocked out in the first knockout round where they faced a hot Purdue team in a close 2-0 series, each game being decided only by a single point. Their ability to play Purdue close bodes well for them as Purdue had gone on to beat the 2nd seeded Utah and 4th seeded TAMU in later knockout rounds. Headed into the fall season watch out for the new addition Hansel, a mechanically skilled player who should make a terrific addition to the GT Roster. – b900cool

22 – Georgia Southern University

Statesboro, GA
Roster: Wasowski / Legolas uwu / kickface11 / Jäger

GSU earned a spot on the power rankings through strong perseverance. There wasn’t a large population of high-level players at GSU, but that didn’t stop Wasowski and kickface11 from organizing a team within their student esports organization, SGC, last spring. The team focuses their offense around kickface11, who leads the team in stats. This squad still has a lot to prove to themselves and the rest of the CCA, as four of their six wins this summer were from the opposition forfeiting. While being one of the most improved teams, they will still have a tough time this fall going up against giants like LSU, Texas, and Auburn in the Southern Conference of Tespa’s CRL tournament. – Alpha

23 – University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN
Roster: TheFightDude / Cedric / Andross / Shao / GoHomeBall

UTK comes in near the bottom of our power rankings, and that’s mainly due to a slow start. Hot recruit Cedric is predicted to become the all-star for UTK. After playing just three matches (17 games) for the team, he achieved the highest points per game average with 265. TheFightDude, team leader both off and on the pitch, started the UTK RL club back in March of 2017. As club president, he led his team in every statistic and was the only one on UTK to achieve over 10,000 total points throughout the summer season. Recently, TheFightDude founded the Collegiate Battlegrounds Association, and since then UTK seems to have been focusing a lot more PUBG than Rocket League. Even so, expect great things out of the UTK this fall fall. – Alpha

24 – University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT
Roster: MoxieBall / Astrel / MeetandGreek / Starboy

UConn likes to wait for other teams to fully commit then spring a counter attack once they are too far committed, as a team they had 261 saves with roughly half of those coming from MoxieBall (85 saves) and Astrel (84 saves) putting both players in the top 8 of CCA for saves for the entire summer series. As great of defense as they played both MoxieBall (27 goals) and Astrel (25 goals) were the offensive leaders as well, their season could have gone better as they finished with a 4-10 record in the blue division, however two very close 3-4 losses against Washington State and Iowa State, these results show that UConn has the ability to push some very solid teams. The main problem this team had was just being able to fully play with the same roster, they had quite a few matches in which they had to change players mid game, once UConn can get a consistent three players playing together, I would not be surprised to see those close losses turn into wins and see them maybe even win some against the top seeds. – ObsessedTaylor

New CRL teams to watch out for:

Carleton University:
Carleton looks to be the pride of Canada, they had an impressive showing in Tespa finishing 6th overall.

Penn State:
If Penn State Rocket League can be half as good as Penn State football, then Penn State is going to be a fun team to watch.

California State, Long Beach:
Led by experienced competitive player EmployedWolf, Long Beach is a team trying to make a strong impact within Tespa's Western Conference this fall.

Auburn University:
Auburn shocked the college Rocket League community with their Tespa win over LSU, if they can keep up that level of play they will be a top tier team.

College Carball Association Links:

Discord - discord.me/CCA

Twitter - twitter.com/CollegeCarball

Twitch - twitch.tv/CollegeCarball

Patreon - patreon.com/CollegeCarball


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