CaioTG1 takes top spot for Week two, Chicago and Bluey still most valuable

2 years ago by theevilisback in Fantasy RLCS

As a top three player no matter what position you played him in, CaioTG1 of Lowkey Esports is your MVP for week two. Averaging 712 points base, adding another 84 as an attacker or 50 as a defender, he was a top three choice no matter where you slotted him.

Right behind him was Freakii of Veloce Esports with 707 points. As the top defender of week two, adding 106 points, he was your number one defender of the week, over 50 points higher than the next option. At only 1625 salary, he was also the third highest points per salary at a .450.


Finally in third, and our most improved player of the week, was Zayd of Overt with an impressive 702 points, adding a 3rd highest 87 points as an attacker. At 1600 salary, he was worth a league best .493 points per salary in week two.


Moving into the highs and lows of week two we have our most improved players of the week, with Zayd leading the way with an insane 521 point improvement. Second with a 326 point increase was Turbopolsa of NRG to a 598 average. Lastly in third was Ayyjayy of Rogue with a 300 point increase from week one, netting 582 points as a defender.


On the opposite side, we have our biggest drops between weeks. Leading those drops was Aztral with a 470 point drop from week one to two, only producing 364 ppg. Next was Chicago, after leading the league week one only managed 574 points, a drop of 357 points. Finally in 3rd was Caard, going from 790 points in week one down to 532 this week.


Continuing our top lineup from last week, which had 4571 points, we’re looking at swapping out two players max to get the most points possible. With this and the salary caps in mind, the best outcome I have been able to come up with is this lineup:


Bluey – 1400 Salary, 730 points

CaioTG1 – 1925 Salary, 796 points



renaN – 1650 Salary, 574 points

Alpha54 – 1625 Salary, 564 points



Lerky – 1600 Salary, 563 points

Chicago – 1750 Salary, 640 points


Total points: 3867 points week 2, 50 remaining salary. 8438 Total points

Transactions: Drop Rizzo and Aztral for Bluey and CaioTG1


Continuing this roster, if you were looking to keep a more sustainable and forward-thinking roster, sacrificing some points by picking up Chausette over CaioTG1 would keep 175 salary open, future proof your roster for week 3, and allow you to bring in Fairy Peak or Freakii for Lerky while remaining under the salary cap.


Looking forward to week 3, two players that should find a way into almost every roster are Chausette and Fairy Peak. Both have favorable matchups leaning towards a defensive role, with FC Barcelona facing Dignitas and Renault Vitality (combined 2-4), and Vitality also playing Mousesports. While Vitality is sitting at the top of the tables, I still feel that this matchup is going to be a high fantasy scoring series for everyone involved.

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