Caard and Math take the top spots, Bluey still biggest bang for your buck after Week 4

5 months ago by theevilisback in Fantasy RLCS

In another topsy-turvy week across the RLCS, we have the South Americans of Caard, Math, and CaioTG1 taking the top 3 spots, with Caard worth an eye-popping 1101 points as an attacker, thanks to a RLCS best 2.67 goals per game to go with 4.67 shots per, and at least 992 in his worst position. Following closely behind is Math, putting up 977 in the attacking spot and 964 as a defender. Finally CaioTG1 regained some lost form from last week and got back on the podium with an 835 attacking value, and the highest midfielder bonus of the week adding 58 points courtesy of a league best 2.33 assists per game.

Looking again at our top lineup again from last week we have two real positive gains that can be made.


retals – 1650 Salary, 741 points

CaioTG1 – 1925 Salary, 835 points



renaN – 1650 Salary, 595 points

Alpha54 – 1625 Salary, 663 points


Sypical – 1750 Salary, 763 points

Bluey – 1400 Salary, 687 points


Total points: 4284 points week 4, 0 remaining salary. 16,612 Season points

Transactions: Remove Siki and Lerky for CaioTG1 and Sypical

Finally I’ll give you my clearly scientific picks of the players to play this week. With over half of the NA region fighting for their survival, we can only expect top notch play from this region. We’ll either have high scoring or insanely close matches throughout. Personally I’d like to give the nod to Chicago with G2. While he has been relatively lower the past few weeks, with matches against Spacestation Gaming and Cloud 9, he should be able to break out of this funk and get back to who he was in week 1. If you’re looking for a low salary defender, ExplosiveGyro could fit that spot. With just one match being against Spacestation Gaming, this matchup should favor Gyro and the Pittsburgh Knights quite handsomely.

Looking over the pond in Europe I still feel Freakii is a great pick again this week. With only one match against Mousesports, this should be a relatively high scoring fantasy matchup across the board, and as the #1 defender and #5 attacker in the RLCS this season, this should continue through week 5 (and at only 1625 salary, quite a safe pick regardless). If you have a little more cap space available, Chausette’s 1800 salary and 600 points per week should be rather inviting. While you can expect him to continue playing a little more defensive in scoring, he should have no issues continuing his performance this season into the final week.

In South America, we still have the high salaries but high scoring players of Caard, Math, and CaioTG. While they will be taking a huge chunk of your cap space, they have constantly been producing and should continue into the final week. With Lowkey Esports playing INTZ and Monos, and The Three Sins playing an underwhelming Orchid team, scoring will be easy to come by for them. Looking on the other side of the salary spectrum, we have renaN. At only a 1650, he’s our 8th best points per salary and Lotus having what should be a comfortable win against Hawks, this is a really safe bet for almost any team.

Finally down under in the Oceanic region we have what they call week 6 coming up. With Renegades playing Overt, we can only expect another top performance from Siki, but he will only be able to be played on the handful of teams that can fit him comfortably in their rosters. In that mid-range tier, we have Lerky of EmproX facing off against Max’s Rancid Rats. This is another great matchup that will see Lerky continue to play at the level he has all along.

And that’s it! The final week of the season is upon us, teams will be crowned league champs (except for OCE), and we’re sure to see some surprises. Make sure to tune in, I know I will be.




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