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A hot interview with the one and only Pyre!

1 year ago by Dazerin in Esports

Hey guys! My name is Dazerin! I am 21 years old and am a Shout caster and Analyst for the game Rocket League. I currently cast for Rocket League Central, but from time to time will cast at other places when needed.

Recently I spoke to Pyre who plays for the team Nova just to get to know him a little better and give you guys a bit more information on the players you watch. This interview was also done live and is on Youtube



Your name started off as Cxxflame and then you changed it to Pyre. What’s the backstory behind your name?


I was over at a friends house playing Command & Conquer, and there’s this function that lets you roll a random name. I rolled a random name and cxxflame came up (a name that my brothers friend used to go by), I liked it so I kept it. That happened about 7 years ago now, and I kept it up until I started getting good at Rocket Leauge, since cxxflame doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Fire has always been my thing so I looked up synonyms for fire and pyre showed up, it was simple and sounded good so I made the switch.


How exactly did you get into Rocket League?


A couple friends of mine used to play the game, and I had 0 interest in it, being the kind of person who would play games like Hearthstone and Dark Souls. It went on sale for pretty cheap one day, decided to give it a try and was hooked instantly. Been playing for at least a couple hours a day since.


You play on the team called Nova along with Dooble, PrimeThunder, Wonder and, HadaBradDay. How did you guys get together?


Dooble and I started streaming/getting popular around the same time, so naturally we ended up talking a bit. To be honest before I got to know dooble I thought he was a prick. Sorry Dooble. But after playing together a bit and RLCS being on the horizon we had the idea of teaming, but had no one as a 3rd. Prime just happened to be free for a PRL so we tried out with him, and our all out offensive playstyle just worked. I know Brad from back when I was on vVv, and since he wasn’t on a team I had to pick him up. I know Wonder from when 6 mans were popular, he was surprisingly good and a chill dude so we got him too.


So talk to me about this Nova team. How do you guys think you’re doing as a team? What’s the chemistry like?


We have a very offensively minded playstyle which works for us, but our issue has always been defense and trust on defense. We get good pressure, but when it comes to getting good clears/general defensive stuff we fall apart and give away easy goals. It’s something we’ve been working on since we started as a team and still haven’t really fixed.


When it's time to play in tournaments how do you or your team prepare? Is there any prep at all?


We try to get on an hour or two beforehand, I feel like we all play better with a couple hours under our belt. Ranked or whatever, doesn’t matter, simple handwarmers.


In qualifiers you guys were 2 matches away from making it league play. It was a really good run and I think its something to pay attention to. How did you feel during that day? What was going through your mind?


We played awful on the day of RLCS. I was running on next to no sleep which didn’t help, and our chemistry wasn’t there. We pretty much crumbled under the pressure when we had a decent chance of making it. Just goes to show how much experience matters.


Fast foward to today, how has your team been playing since then?


I feel like we have fallen off pretty heavily in terms of practice, and it shows. We were doing at least 1 tournament/scrims every day leading up to RLCS, and now we have weeks where we don’t participate in any. If anything we’ve rolled back from where we were, since there’s no motivator. We’re working on it though.


You guys arent a top team yet but you’re a team thats just under the top, is that something that motivates you?


I’ve always been on teams right outside the top 8, and it is something that motivates me, but at the end of the day I want to become a better player over anything else, be able to mesh with pretty much anyone, be able to shine through when it matters.


Is there any other bubble team that you think we should be looking out for?


I would say RRelentless, but since they disbanded I’m not sure, Sea-Bass was the star of that team in my opinion, so any team he shifts over to would be one to look out for.


What was a key factor that helped you become the player you are today?


Dedication. Couple hours a day of constructive play, every day. Hours are important, but what’s more important is using them efficiently.


You are one of the many pro’s who stream but you usually stream in the late nights. Why late nights and how is your overall experience with streaming?


I started streaming a couple months ago when my sleep schedule was completely messed up. I streamed with that schedule for such a long time it became what people expected, and it doesn’t interfere with tournaments, so I can’t complain. The experience streaming late nights is honestly better than during the day, EU morning people are generally very nice people.


I love the emotes you have in your channel. One being the pyreGood where its the words Thats gooood. It’s also your sub notification whenever you get a sub it plays audio of you saying Thats gooood. Where did that start from?


I have a habit of finding a default word to use whenever something happens in game. It just so happens that for a while “That’s goooood” was my default sarcastic reaction when anything happened, people wanted me to make it an emote so I did.


You are one of a few Rocket League pro’s who watch a ton of anime. What’s it like having something other than RL you guys can relate to?


It’s nice, there’s a surprising amount of people in this scene who watch anime. It’s kinda fun comparing your favorites and opinions and such, any time I start mentioning anime-related things in twitch chat everyone seems to join in.


Top 5 Anime. Go.


From best to worst, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Steins;Gate, Code Geass, Samurai Champloo. Kimi no na wa and Spirited Away are also incredible.


Whats your favourite kind of sushi?


I’m a fan of the classics. California and Dynamite rolls are the bomb.


If the Rocket League pro scene was an anime what kind of character would you be?


I don’t even know how to answer this question


Where do you think the direction Rocket League esports and the Rocket League community is heading?


It seems to be growing at a decent pace, with G2 and NRG getting involved, I think in a couple years Rocket League will be at its peak, with the top 8 teams all with big orgs. I’d like to see more of the obscure regions getting involved, I feel like the Brazil region has a ton of untapped talent, I play against these guys with 200 ping and they still show incredible mechanical skill.

Thanks Pyre for the interview and thanks to everyone who took the time to read this I appreciate it! Expect more of these soon!


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