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Holiday Wheel 2021

Please read the rules and information. The wheel is for visual effect only. The chance of winning a big prize is low, as we wouldn't be able to fund this event otherwise. A huge number of big prizes have been won so far though, including a TW Dominus and multiple TW Octanes! Thank you for your understanding.
You can see the most recent ten winners here.

You've won !


Holiday Wheel Rules

Participants may receive one free spin daily. Only one RL Garage account may participate per person. Participants can use their free spin by clicking the "SPIN" button in the center of the Holiday Wheel. If a participant is found to be in breach of these Holiday Wheel rules, RL Garage reserves the right to invalidate any prize they may win, and terminate their account. All participants must have at least one platform (Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation Network, or Switch) connected to their account. This can be done on the account settings page.

All prizes are overseen and verified by the RL Garage staff team. If a prize requires delivery, such as in-game item rewards or 1 year of Ultimate, an RL Garage staff member will contact the winner through RL Garage chat, and ONLY RL Garage chat. The delivery of prizes may take multiple days to complete, depending on staff and prize availability. Larger prizes can take even longer, as items are acquired as needed, so Credits may be trade locked for a period of three days. RL Garage is not responsible for in-game item deliveries in cases where the prize winner is unable to use the trading functionality within Rocket League. Prize winners who do not respond within 7 days of being contacting by an RL Garage staff member will forfeit their prize.

Prizes cannot be transferred to other participants, exchanged for other prizes, or exchanged for cash. Any RL Garage Premium coupon prizes that are won, must be redeemed before January 31st, 2022. RL Garage is not responsible for any RL Garage Premium coupons that are unredeemable due to technical malfunction or having passed the expiration date. RL Garage Premium coupons can only be redeemed on the RL Garage website, on subscriptions paid via Paddle. They are not redeemable in the RL Garage mobile app. Payment information is required to redeem any RL Garage Premium coupon. If an RL Garage Premium coupon winner already has an active subscription paid via Paddle, then the coupon will be converted into a promo code, which can only be redeemed on the subscription management page, where it will apply towards next month's renewal price.

RL Garage reserves the right to alter, nullify, or amend any rules at any time. RL Garage reserves the right to invalidate any prize at any time. By participating in this event, you acknowledge and agree to these Holiday Wheel rules, and RL Garage's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Trading rules.


What is it?

This holiday season, we're introducing the Holiday Wheel for the first time ever! Come back every day in December up until the 25th for a chance to win some big prizes!

The Holiday Wheel is a seasonal event where we give out prizes to randomly selected players. Prizes range from RL Garage Premium coupons to Titanium White Octanes.

How does it work?

Every 24 hours, you receive a free wheel spin. Spin the wheel and if it lands on a prize, you win that prize. It's that simple! Everyone with verified game platform linked to their RLG account can participate!

If you win an in-game item, you will be contacted by a staff member through RL Garage chat. Item deliveries may take a few days depending on availability and account trade limits. We're working on them, but there's a little bit of a backlog. You will be contacted!

To clarify, the wheel is purely for visual effect. You'll most likely land on "No Reward", but there are some amazing prizes up for grabs. For obvious reasons, we can't give away 10,000 Titanium White Dominus. Even if that many exist, we couldn't possibly afford that many.

What's the catch?

There's no catch! We really are giving away some big prizes during this event, so be sure to come back every day for a chance to win.

Once again though, to be perfectly transparent, the wheel above is just for illustrative purposes. The big prizes may have a visually bigger landing area, but they're not easy to land on. Most spins will result in "No Reward" coming up, but you may just get lucky!

Everyone who participates must follow the rules of this event. You can read them here.

Latest Holiday Wheel big prize winners

Date User Prize
9 months ago Lukineitor 100 Credits
9 months ago Catan47 1,000 Credits
9 months ago MENNY121 1,000 Credits
9 months ago Spiderdetective 100 Credits
9 months ago King626262 1,000 Credits
9 months ago InvictusTony 100 Credits
9 months ago TheRexNinja2720 100 Credits
9 months ago Vendedor4005xd 100 Credits
9 months ago Yanoyoyo 100 Credits
9 months ago kagry 100 Credits

The Prizes

Titanium White Dominus

Unobtainiumly rare

The most valuable battle-car in Rocket League — the Titanium White Dominus. This battle-car is no joke.
Not even the highly desirable Titanium White Octane is a match for this item. And it could be yours this Christmas!

Free Ultimate

Trade like you mean it

Get up to 1 year of our Ultimate plan (€99.99 value), completely for free.* Post up to 50 trades, store your trades in your personal vault for later use, auto bump your trades, and more!

* This reward is only redeemable through the RL Garage website. Payment information is required. Subscription can be canceled after sign up to stop auto-renewal.

Titanium White Octane

The quintessential battle-car

The Titanium White Octane is the most sought after battle-car in the history of Rocket League trading — and with good reason. It's a striking battle-car that has become a status symbol among Rocket League players. Its rareness and popularity makes it incredibly valuable. Only a small percentage of the community can call this car their own.

It could be yours!


Wow! Take the Shot!

Who doesn't like free cash? ... Okay, we can't give out cash, but we can give Credits — which is the next best thing!
You can win up to 5,000 Credits and spend them on anything you want.

By the way, use Creator Code RLGARAGE when you buy from the Item Shop #EpicPartner ;)

Dueling Dragons

Show off when carrying your team

Arguably one of the nicest Goal Explosions available in Rocket League — Dueling Dragons was released on December 4th, 2017 (that's 4 years ago), and yet still remains one of the most desirable Goal Explosions in the game.

Premium Discount

Save money and trade like a pro

Receive up to 50% off your first month of Premium!*
For existing Premium subscribers, discounts can be applied to next month's renewal price from the plan management page.

* Only 1 coupon can be redeemed per person. This reward is only redeemable through the RL Garage website. Max. €50 off.

Mystery Prize

It's a secret ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is a mysterious prize. It could be anything. It could be bad. It could be good. It could be yours.
Subscribe to us on YouTube to follow the unveiling of these mystery prizes.

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