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RLG Scrapyard Design Contest

It's time for our next Design Contest - this time with a little challenge:

Submissions for this contest are restricted to designs that cost no more than 500 Credits (give or take). That means, the items you equip must in total be worth about 500 Credits or less per submission.

We will be using rl.insider.gg as a price guide. Your final calculation might vary if you use a different price list.
For Item Shop exclusive items, we'll take Item Shop prices into consideration.

While it's easy to create popular designs with Titanium White bodies and Alpha items, a little more creativity is required to make it far in this contest.

If you dig deeper into the Rocket League item database, you'll notice lots of underrated items, that are just waiting to be used. Bring those underappreciated items to good use, and show everyone that impressive cars don't have to be expensive.


How does it work?

Free and untradable items that have not been exclusively part of the ingame shop are not going to add credit value to the design.

Once the contest begins (on April 14th at 2pm CEST), you'll be able to submit up to
two battle-car designs. Submissions will be verified by RLG staff. During the submission period,
you will be able to view recent submissions from other users here.

When submissions close (on April 18th at 12pm CEST), RLG staff will nominate the top 12 best submissions.

On April 19th at 12pm CEST, voting will begin. All users will be able to vote for their favorites of the 12 nominations. The voting period will end after 48 hours on April 21st at 12pm CEST. Submissions with the most votes win!


Every platform can participate in this contest. The overall item value (per car) will be determined by the platfom you're playing on. Switch users will be valued against the Steam price guide.

Please submit your designs via this website for a chance to win - https://rocket-league.com/event/add.

Join the discussion on our Discord in #car_designs.



1st place will receive 3000 Credits.

2nd place will receive 2000 Credits.

3rd place will receive 1000 Credits.



  1. You may submit up to two designs (each valued at 500 Credits or less in accordance with rl.insider.gg).

  2. Photoshopping or other kinds of photo manipulation is not allowed.

  3. Menu screenshots are not allowed this time, so make sure to take them from inside the replay-editor.

  4. Submissions must be your own.

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