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Please read our trading rules.

invite vampir3viv3 (best to msg at same time saying what trade, i might be in a game or afk & if i'm in game i can join the party while in game & will be max 5mins/time left of game -- if afk i can reply from my phone) --- Buying these crates 1k:24 & note that these crate types can be mixed in ANY MIXTURE of 24 of ONLY THESE CRATE TYPES for 1 key: Example: 5 beach blast + 5 velocity + 5 haunted hallows + 5 spring fever + 4 cc1 = 24 total crates for 1k. ***ALSO doing 1k for any 24 rares such as any rare decals from crates OR 1k:15 NON CRATE RARES ONLY. so 1k:24 if MIXED ANY RARES and 1k:15 if they're all ONLY non crate rares ----- any rares at all and these can be mixed with the crates shown eg if u don't have 24 of the crates & can be mixed with other item options such as some non painted limiteds (some i have too many of), ANY painted or cert limiteds, any painted rocket pass 1-3 items (these UNPAINTED rocket pass items are ok too: laser wave/jolt bangle/phoenix wings/mage glass/super nova/troublemaker/capacitor/maverick/supernova/cloudburst), painted or cert uncommons/any antenna uncommons (some default uncommon toppers are accepted) & any item from a crate is accepted & other possibles***

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 27

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