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READ!! no I do not have 13 white shortwire wheels, I have 13 DIFFERENT PAINT variants of that item, and white is only ONE of those Colours of these items are listed below! 🔽🔽🔽 [H] 13 PAINTED shortwire [W] 10c each Or FULL SET FOR 120c [lime, grey, , black, burnt sienna, cobalt, crimson, forest green, orange, pink, saffron, sky blue, white, purple] [H] 8 PAINTED Fiber optic [W] 50c Each [, black and crimson are 100 not 50] or I want 350 for all burnt sienna, black, cobalt, crimson, lime, orange, pink,, purple and saffron] [H] 12 PAINTED chikara gxt [W] 60c Each or 700 for all [ITS THE WHOLE SET] [H] 8 PAINTED kablooey [W] 50c each or 370for all [forest green, lime, pink and sky blue, saffron, crimson, black, burnt sienna] [H] 11 PAINTED mudcat gxt [W] 600 for all [ITS THE FULL SET] [H] 6 PAINTED ronin gxt [W] 30 each or 150 for all [H] 10 PAINTED dimonix [W] 50c each or 450 for all [purple, burnt sienna, lime and saffron, black, cobalt, crimson, orange forest green and pink] [H] 9 PAINTED yankii rl [W] 30c each or 300 for all [if bought separate white is 100] [sky blue, forest green, pink, saffron and black, white, cobalt crimson and lime] [H] 8 PAINTED reticle [W] 40 each or 210 for all [crimson saffron, sky blue, black, and white, pink and burnt sienna, orange] [white are 50 if bought separate] [H] 8 PAINTED hydro paint [W] 40c each or 250 for all [ pink, crimson purple cobalt, forest green, lime and saffron and orange]

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