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READ! no I do not have for example 12 black tungsten wheels, I have 12 DIFFERENT PAINT variants of that wheel, and black is ONE of them The colours of these items are all listed below! 🔽🔽🔽 [H] 7 PAINTED shining barrage II [W] 50c Each or 300 for all [tactician sky blue, sweeper orange, and crimson,saffron ,lime ,forest green burnt sienna] [H] 11 PAINTED overgrowth [W] 20c each or 180 for all [ pink, lime, burnt sienna, crimson, grey, orange, purple, saffron and sky blue, forest green and black] [H] 12 PAINTED shima [W] 250 for all [ITS THE FULL SET AS SHIMA PINK DO NOT EXIST] [H] 7 PAINTED INFINITE shima [W] 30c each or 200 for all [crimson and sky blue, burnt sienna, forest green,black, saffron and cobalt] [H] 12 PAINTED tungsten [W] 200 for whole set [burnt sienna tungsten do not exist] [H] 11 PAINTED generator II [W] 10c each or 100 for all [ONLY ONES MISSING ARE WHITE AND GREY] [H] 6 PAINTED HOLOGRAPHIC galvan [W] 400 for all [Saffron, crimson, grey and pink, sky blue, lime] [H] 8 PAINTED galvan [W] 20c each or 150 for all [orange, burnt sienna and purple, black, burnt sienna, crimson, forest green,saffron, STRIKER cobalt is 40] [H] 7 PAINTED zhou gfp [W] 30 each or 200 for all [black, saffron, cobalt, sky blue, crimson, orange, pink] [H] 9 PAINTED ved-ava II [W] 600 for all Can negotiate on all trades as long as it’s more then 1 item

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 28

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