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3 hours ago 2 hours, 44 minutes, 13 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-3409-8280-0000
rocket pass decals, old and new☺️ Not looking for much and open to non crate items Colors I have left: Compound C - TW, black, bs, fg, cob, crimson, lime, orange, grey, pink, purple, saffron, skyblue; Dominus: Nightmare Fuel - burnt sienna, cob, fg, crimson, grey, lime, orange, purple, saffron, skyblue; Dune Sweeper - tw, black, cob, fg, crimson, lime, orange, pink, purple, saffron; Formation - bs, cob, crim, lime, orange, pink, purple, saffron; Hydro Paint - cob, fg, orange, pink, purple, saffron, lime, skyblue; Luster Edge - bs, fg, crimson, grey, lime, orange, pink, purple, saffron, skyblue; Mainliner - TW, bs, fg, cob, crimson, grey, orange, lime, pink, purple, saffron, skyblue; Octane: Metarudia - black, bs, cob, fg, crimson, orange, purple, lime, saffron; Percussion - TW, cob, crimson, orange, purple, saffron, skyblue Shield Glitch - bs, fg, cob, orange, pink, saffron, skyblue Streak Wave - burnt sienna, pink Tigress - TW, black, bs, crim, fg, orange, grey lime, pink, purple, saffron, skyblue
17 hours ago 16 hours, 55 minutes, 32 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-2088-5642-1855
Decals for trade. Wanting credits, golden event crates (Egg/Pumpkin/Gift/Lantern), or NCVR/NCI offers for my items. I will also take offers that involve items I am currently wanting that are listed to the right. Look at my other trades for other items I have available for trade and other items I am looking for as wants. I'm mostly just looking for PAINTED versions of these WHEELS listed. Search my other trades in the search bar here--> MasterSplintersDojo

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