Rocket League Trading

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Please read our trading rules.

I'm looking for Credit/BM/NCVR offers. Message me your offers first! Not interested in Rocket Pass stuff, unless its valuable! Rocket League Etiquette: Friend Requests aren't required to trade --> 2 times square in the RL main menu and then search for the name | No useless messages like "trade" or "lets trade"... I know i wanna trade, so let me know the 2 WHAT informations ( what do you want and what do you have) | DON'T offer other stuff that I didn't list AND get RUDE if I won't do the trade, negotiation is never an option from that point | Negotiation is always better before the trade and easier on the website or via samrtphone through the PSN Message app | ONLY invite if you accept the offer! Everything else will be discussed on here or on the PSN message, from here invites are appreciated | A thanks, ty, thx etc. after a successfull trade isn't neccesary but just do it | Be nice to each other | English is the main language in every situation of your life, so its important to learn it to communicate across the border. If you cant speak it use a translator its 2020 gesus | ALWAYS read the DESCRIPTION under a post!!! It provides helpfull informations

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