Rocket League Trading

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Please read our trading rules.

Please read or DONT add! / /---------/ NOT 1:1 ! / /---------/ NOT quick-selling/ NOT accepting low balls! (if you're offering credits make it within 100 c of max value on rlinsider). /---------/ I am NOT offering a credit offer for the items on right (only item offer+ some credits to make up remainder). /---------/ I am and will ONLY accept using rlinsider prices for the offers (only UPPER/MAX value for All items). I don't care the market conditions etc. just going by the MAX/Upper values Listed! /---------/ The black markets + bp + credits (select from them) are for the octane, deici or helios /-----------/ . the blueprints (except fennecs+tw zowie) + credits (select offer from them) are for the white decals on the right! /---------/ select what you'd like but make sure END TOTALS are equal or within 100 C of each other. I can overpay by 150 credits (also in terms of value by selected items) or similar worth item(s).

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