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2 hours ago 2 hours, 13 minutes, 8 seconds ago
PlayStation MOROx2
MSG me. If you don't understand why items are priced like that, don't even ask about these, thank you‼️ I'm looking TW Emeralds for 1:1 for OG CC2 Crim sweeper Volts (or should I say Lightnings, like they was in old good days) or to FG Reactor strikers. Ofc these exists in our collectors inventories, but I haven't seen any in market for months... Also you can check my timezone and I might sleep when you msg, so I will msg when I woke up, if your offer is reasonable. Thank you. ps. I block or just dismiss all non sense offers. ✌🏻
4 hours ago 4 hours, 25 minutes, 41 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-0813-8111-6724
Min/mid price. Also taking overpay offer. Veloce is cert victor. Thanatos is discontinued from the haunted hallows series which makes very expensive. 10k+ offers for Thanatos. Anyone questions thanatos price will be blocked.

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