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12 hours ago 11 hours, 36 minutes, 30 seconds ago
Nintendo Switch SW-7201-8514-1338
I also have sweeper unpainted royal crown and tactician unpainted halo Also have dragon wings, mr hot pepper, octopus, sad strawberry, worried watermelon Also have jolt bangle 1 and 2 (unpainted) Also have cactus cutie, paper dragon, slimer, tranquil tangerine, and turtle shell
10 days ago 1 week, 2 days, 18 hours, 11 minutes, 10 seconds ago
painted uncommons ☺️ (SELLING for RL INSIDER MINIMUM PRICE!) Colors I have left: Birthday Cake - black, bs, cob, orange, purple TW Bycocket - skyblue Chainsaw - striker unpainted, crim, fg, grey, pink, purple Chef's Hat - pink, forest green, bs Cuckoo - bs, crimson, orange, tw Devil Horn - striker/sweeper unpainted, black, bs, cob, fg, grey, lime, orange, purple, saffron, skyblue, tw Fez - TW, black, bs, fg, grey, lime, orange, pink, purple, saffron, skyblue Fire Helm - black, grey, lime, pink, saffron, skyblue, tw Witch's - black, bs, cob, crim, fg, grey, lime, orange, pink, sky blue, tw Wizard - striker unpainted, black, bs, crimson, fg, grey, lime dm me here if you’re interested

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