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7 hours ago 7 hours, 18 minutes, 1 second ago
If you want to trade with me (prices listed in the trade post) ⚠️ just invite me. I dont read messages. ⚠️ I will join if im available. I'm not a trade bot neither am i a full time trader, which means that sometimes im playing the game. (i cant trade while i'm in a match); .. or I'm offline ⚠️ spamming invites will result in a (permanent) block. ⚠️ An invite every 5 minutes is ok tho. 🟢 My XBOX gamertag: d0n pache (0 = zero) 🟢 add me AND INVITE ME TO YOUR GAME LOBBY through ingame right tab (RT) .. check your OFFLINE friends, you can invite me from there. If you dont invite me we won't trade. Thank you 🙂
2 days ago 2 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes, 35 seconds ago
Looking to buy, not to sell, but to keep. Idk what you might want for either of these, and I don't much care for certs. We can negotiate how much, but I'm not paying absurd prices that will bankrupt me, thank you.

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