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15 minutes ago 14 minutes, 31 seconds ago
Epic Games Ikerepc
Buying any and all non crate imports for 30 credits each, add me: Ikerepc or message me here. NOTE: Sometimes, especially when we both invite another one for thrade and accept it happens that trade is cancelled and you get error like "request timed out". So I sometimes cancel trade, in that case just invite me again. Please don't block me after that and leave thinking I'm scammer. You can ask mods or any trader, they will confirm this. Sometimes I need to leave party or restart game for it to work. I have 50+ trades on daily basis so I know which errors can occour and what to do in that case. Please just let me explain what happened before you leave and block me. Also, if you don't know, non crates are things that haven't "cannot me traded in" at the bottom. I will take any and all non crate imports you have (and i can), except sun ray. Thanks for reading :)
21 minutes ago 21 minutes, 2 seconds ago
Epic Games Catseye2007
Message me first. Epic: Catseye2007 ||| NON CRATE ONLY ||| NON CRATE ONLY ||| NON CRATE ONLY ||| NON CRATE ONLY ||| NON CRATE ONLY ||| NON CRATE ONLY ||| NON CRATE ONLY (P.S. I Am only taking Datastream COLORED... If it is not import do not try to sell it to me.)

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