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38 minutes ago 37 minutes, 49 seconds ago
Alright guys, I'm doing "Take On Me" now Alright, ha-pa-ba-ba-ba I, I really, I really like this song, it sounds good Minin' away, I don't know what to mine I'll mine this anyway in this Minecraft day So beautiful, mine further down What's that I found? Mine diamonds (take on me) Mine diamonds (take on me) I'll mine them So far I've got two So easy to mine with my Minecraft pickaxe and shovels Hopefully they stay in my Minecraft chests So I'm gonna make a lock on it Mine diamonds Mine diamonds I'll mine them So far I've got two, ah I'm alright, I'm ready All these diamonds sittin' carefully away I'm getting worried if they might get stolen (turn it off) From my ender chest Wait, who is that? Holy sheep, it's Notch! Mine diamonds Mine diamonds Now they're safe now Now that they're safe now Mine diamonds Mine diamonds Uh, uh, thanks Thanks for listening guys and thanks for recommending this song (You're welcome)

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