Rocket League Trading

Please read our trading rules.
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⚠️OFFERS FIRM ⚠️NOT INTERESTED IN BLUEPRINTS⚠️ADD TO STEAM OR EPIC⚠️PC ONLY⚠️ Purchased items can only be traded on their platform of purchase. If you build a Blueprint with Credits on one platform, you won't be able to trade that item on any other linked platform. Your other tradable items can be traded regardless of which platform you acquired them on. You can only trade with other players logged into the same platform as you. The lists below show which items can and cannot be traded between players. Tradable Items: Revealed Blueprints: ⚠️Items built from Blueprints on the same platform ⚠️Items received from Crates received prior to the Blueprint system ⚠️Credits (Only 1 player may trade Credits) ⚠️You may trade up to 100,000 Credits ⚠️Free post-game Drops ⚠️Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers ⚠️Items from in-game events (Haunted Hallows, Frosty Fest, etc.) Not tradable Items: ⚠️Unrevealed Blueprints ⚠️Items built from Blueprints on a different platform ⚠️Credits when traded for Credits (Also, Credits when traded for Items and Credits) ⚠️Credits when traded for nothing ⚠️Items purchased from the Item Shop (or previously from the Showroom) ⚠️Items purchased from the Esports Shop ⚠️Bonus Gifts and Items received from Bonus Gifts.

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