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48 minutes ago 47 minutes, 32 seconds ago
i'm on PC epic, READ THIS FOR PRICE / COLOR available - IF ok with my price, add me directly ID : therital PARABOLIC : grey, cobalt, blue, green forest, orange -- RISER : crimson, cobalt, blue, burn sierra, lime, orange, purple -- HRT BEAT : black, TW (30cr), grey, crimson, pink, blue, burn sierra, saffron, lime, orange, purple -- EQ-RL : pink, blue, burn sierra, saffron, lime, green, orange, purple -- MONSOON : grey, burn sierra, green -- SPATIOTEMPORAL : grey, pink, cobalt, blue, burn sierra, saffron, lime, green, orange, purple -- LIGHT SHOW : pink, cobalt, blue, saffron, lime, green, orange Toon flame : blue sky or lime
plus Plus TommySasso
3 hours ago 3 hours, 11 minutes, 35 seconds ago
PlayStation TommySasso
All painted sets are complete. Price is for whole painted set. Pysonix does not make a Maxle-PA in grey (go ahead, check on rl-insider) so that is a complete set of 12. Same for Polyergic (no saffron) and SPN (no crimson) - complete sets of 12. Rocko (12) does not exist in grey. Lava (12) does not exist in orange.