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6 days ago 6 days, 49 minutes, 49 seconds ago
💎 Selling these items either via quick trade by adding SerCooli (ON PSN ONLY) or message me on either RL Garage or PSN for any inquiries/bundle prices 💎 Prices/trades are stated ONO 💎 I speak 7 languages so do not hesitate to message me in whatever language you speak best – English is preferred 💎 🔴 2 of the 3 Cobalt Insidio Silencers has the certification of Acrobat and Playmaker; 1 of the Black Insidio Silencers is a Goalkeeper certification; 1 of the Saffron Insidio Silencers is a Tactician; 1 of the Saffron Insidio Mr. Coney has a Goalkeeper certification 🔴 ❗ Also selling the following ❗ Insidio Silencer (Regular) x9, (Acrobat), (Juggler), (Playmaker), (Tactician), (Victor) for 60 cr each; Insidio Mr. Coney (Regular) x10, (Juggler), (Show-off), (Playmaker), (Victor) for 100 cr each & (Regular) [Grey] for 150 cr ❗ 🔴 NOTE 1: Prices are PER item: for example, four Fennec Hardlines at 80 cr, are 80 cr for one, NOT all four 🔴 NOTE 2: I only take what I have asked for: the LEFT-hand side (has) are MY items, the RIGHT-hand side (wants) are your credits/items 🔴 NOTE 3: Do not add me and say, "show all", "wyg", "wyw" - simply state what item you want 🔴 ✨✨ HAPPY TRADING! STAY SAFE FROM SCAMMERS AND HAVE FUN! ✨✨

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